global supply chain management

Supply Chain Management: Your Complete Guide

Supply Chain Management (SCM) is a career choice that is exploding due to ongoing demands in the fulfillment and logistics space. From COVID-19 increasing eCommerce sales to most supply chains going global, the industry needs more professionals like you. Georgetown […]

eCommerce photography red hat

Complete Guide to eCommerce Photography

One of the biggest disadvantages eCommerce companies have is that customers can’t touch, taste, hear, see, or smell the product. With traditional retail stores, consumers get to try it before they buy. Not so with an online store. Many consumers won’t […]

lot tracking logistics services

Why Lot Tracking Makes Good ECommerce Sense

Every eCommerce business needs to keep track of its inventory, but adding lot tracking to the mix can ensure you don’t let products expire or slip through the cracks. A lot tracking system allows companies like yours to understand the […]

ecommerce shipping partner

ECommerce Shipping: 5 Questions to Focus Your Operations

Your eCommerce shipping and expertise can make or break your business. The logistics knowledge needed to manage inventory, plan a warehouse, and fulfill orders directly impacts your most significant investments and needed revenue streams. When failures persist, a poor eCommerce […]

global freight forwarding service

Is Freight Forwarding Right for Your Business?

Many companies that import products rely on freight forwarders to reduce the stress and cost of doing business internationally. If you’re looking to diversify suppliers or tackle a new market, someone might have recommended a freight forwarding service as an […]

container ship demonstrates need for a backup plan

Suez Canal Blockage Reminds Us All to Have a Backup Plan

Sometimes the unthinkable happens, and this week we saw a container ship the size of a skyscraper turn sideways and block all traffic in Egypt’s Suez Canal, demonstrating a clear need for transportation backup plans. For more than 24 hours, the […]

A container ship at the port

What Does Section 321 Mean for ECommerce?

Every eCommerce business wants to reduce its costs or offer something unique to customers, and these often involve importing products. Thankfully, you can not only achieve these goals but also add some cost-savings to the mix for your eCommerce fulfillment […]

B2B fulfillment

What Is B2B Fulfillment?

B2B eCommerce fulfillment ships products from business to business. The same fulfillment warehouse may provide both B2C and B2B fulfillment services. Your company may need both B2C and B2B fulfillment services. However, the process for each type of order fulfillment […]

Red Stag Fulfillment helps eCommerce businesses manage their logistics costs.

What Are Logistics Costs And How Do You Calculate Them?

Running an eCommerce business is complicated, especially when you’ve got to manage the logistics for a growing number of orders and staff. Shipping prices change, new software arrives, and customers start demanding two-day delivery on everything. At the same time, […]

products ecommerce awaiting fulfillment processing

What Does Awaiting Fulfillment Mean?

When you order items online, your order status may show up as “awaiting fulfillment.” But what does awaiting fulfillment mean? If you’re not in the 3PL industry, this may sound impossibly vague, as if your order were lost in processing. […]