what is FIFO?

What Is FIFO and Why Is It Important?

Like it or not, inventory management is critical to managing your eCommerce business. Smart inventory planning can make a big difference in your cash flow and profit margins. So, understanding the concept of FIFO (first in, first out) is essential. […]

returns processing

3PL Returns Processing: How It Works To Help Your Business

ECommerce sales are growing, reaching roughly $768 billion in 2021, but that means eCommerce returns are also on the rise. Returns processing is an integral part of your eCommerce business. It’s essential to understand the process so you can manage it well. […]

shipping station

Shipping Methods: A Guide for ECommerce Businesses

Shipping is a critical element of eCommerce fulfillment. The shipping methods and shipping carriers you choose can affect your shopping cart abandonment rate. Plus, fulfillment choices such as warehouse locations and shipping options will impact delivery times and customer satisfaction. […]

global order fulfillment

Global Fulfillment Services: An ECommerce Guide

ECommerce can erase borders for sellers. But your online store is only open to the whole world if you have access to global fulfillment services. Because shipping to other countries can involve complex paperwork, it’s a good idea to work […]

direct fulfillment

Easing the Pain of Switching Fulfillment Companies

“Switching fulfillment companies can be such a pain,” says Red Stag Fulfillment Sales Executive Chris Mortl. But, he adds, in many cases, “the juice is worth the squeeze.” If your eCommerce fulfillment is hurting rather than helping your business, that’s […]

we sweat the small stuff

Inventory Planning and Control: Tackling a $1.8 Trillion Problem

The ongoing coronavirus pandemic exposed a lack of robust inventory planning and control policies within many eCommerce businesses. While operations could manage ongoing changes, significant shifts and unprecedented change showed that most operations were at significant risk. You likely felt […]

stack of cartons

Billable Weight, Simplified

ECommerce companies need to understand shipping costs. If you offer free shipping, those costs are part of your overhead and need to be covered in your retail pricing. However, even if your customers pay for shipping on every order, clarity […]

How to Ship Musical Instruments

Some items are easy to ship, and some are not. Musical instruments rank high on the list of things that are challenging to pack and ship correctly. When you ship musical instruments, you must consider more than the best way […]

palletized shipping

How Efficient Logistics Systems Improve Your Supply Chain

Logistics is the process of moving something (or someone) from one location to another. In eCommerce, logistics refers to the movement of products through your supply chain. Third-party logistics is another term for professional eCommerce fulfillment services. Logistics systems can […]

direct-to-consumer fulfillment warehouse

Warehouse KPIs to Measure Success

How efficient are your fulfillment warehouse operations? For a clear answer to that question, it’s essential to know which key performance indicators to track. Warehouse KPIs give you metrics for comparing warehouse performance during different quarters and year over year. […]