How to Write a Shipping Delay Email

As we journey into peak season, communication is key to managing a good relationship between a business and its customer. Let’s be honest, shipping delays can happen. But, you can set the tone of delays by being up front and […]

Is Black Friday Dying?

Every year, retailers pace nervously like racehorses at the starting gate as they wait for the holiday gift-buying season to begin “officially” on the day after Thanksgiving. Black Friday earned its name because it is the day of the year […]

3 Ways to Communicate Shipping Delays to Your Customers

As an eCommerce business, it can be tricky to communicate during peak season. Challenges like shipping delays can make or break the customer’s buying experience. By communicating those challenges beforehand, a business can have the upper hand in controlling the […]

Fulfillment Lessons We Learned From Q4 2020

Last year, we saw the world and the eCommerce landscape change completely, and we were all really expecting it to be just a temporary change. From shortages to carrier delays, companies had to create new plans and strategies to keep […]

flexible carrier selection

When Will Peak Charges End for ECommerce?

Carrier peak charges are making a rushed holiday season even more stressful for some eCommerce stores. These fees coincide with most companies’ best sales opportunities and may make you worry about overall profitability. Thankfully, these fees typically end, and now […]

Cyber Monday

Pros and Cons of Cyber Monday Deals

The leaves have turned, the air is getting crisper, and Cyber Monday will be here before you know it. That’s the day that eCommerce sites both large and small will be offering the internet equivalent of door-buster deals for online […]