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At Red Stag Fulfillment, we are always excited to find our next great client. But we know that we aren’t the right fit for every business. In fact, we aren’t able to accept most of the companies that inquire about our services. We want every business owner to have the best fulfillment service for their company. We even created a fulfillment questionnaire to help you know what questions to ask. In this article, we compare the strengths of eFulfillment Service vs. Red Stag Fulfillment to help you find the right fit between our two companies.


There is not one fulfillment service company that is the best for everyone. The key is to find an order fulfillment company that provides great service and fits your business model. For example, let’s say you sell a small volume of fragile and high-value products. A fulfillment company that excels at shipping thousands of small orders every month may not be the best fit for you. A 3PL company that specializes in shipping mattresses might not be an ideal fit for a business that sells clothing. 

Both Red Stag Fulfillment and eFulfillment Service provide excellent fulfillment services. Each one fills a very different niche in the fulfillment industry. Here are the data points you need to know when you consider eFulfillment Service vs. Red Stag Fulfillment.


Choosing Between eFulfillment Service and Red Stag Fulfillment

Red Stag Fulfillment specializes in shipping heavy or larger parcels. This includes parcels that weigh 10 pounds or more, or parcels with DIM weights over 10 pounds. Our warehouses are set up to move oversize boxes up and down the aisles. We stock heavyweight packaging that can safely ship bulky items. Many of the products we ship weigh 30 pounds or more.

On the other hand, eFulfillment Service specializes in smaller parcels. Most of the packages it ships weigh 1 pound or less. Most eCommerce orders weigh less than 10 pounds. eFulfillment Service is well-equipped to handle the high-volume smaller items that most online retailers sell.

In the sections below, we will review some important metrics to consider when choosing the best fulfillment company for your business. For each one, we compare Red Stag Fulfillment vs. eFulfillment Service.

Typical Parcel Weight for eFulfillment Service vs. Red Stag Fulfillment

Typical parcel weight Red Stag Fulfillment vs. eFulfillment Service

In fulfillment, size matters. Some fulfillment warehouses have processes and facilities that can efficiently pack and ship office chairs and kayaks. Others can easily and quickly pick, pack, and ship clothing, makeup, and other small items. It’s important to choose a fulfillment company with experience in shipping products like yours.

As noted above, Red Stag Fulfillment ships a lot of heavy and bulky items. If you have a product that’s challenging to ship because of weight or size, we’re the right warehouse for you. We can help you figure out how to reduce your DIM weight and ship your products safely.

eFulfillment Service mostly handles parcels that are under 10 pounds. It will ship packages that measure up to 36 inches. If you sell small or light products, eFulfillment Service would be a good fit for your company.

Monthly Order Volume Minimums

Order volume minimums Red Stag Fulfillment vs. eFulfillment Service

Some fulfillment centers want clients to ship at least a minimum number of orders per month. 

If you’re just starting out, you might not know how many orders to expect per month. In that case, a fulfillment center with no minimums might be a better choice. 

eFulfillment Service doesn’t have monthly order minimums. The company is a great fit for startups whose volume is unknown. If your business doesn’t ship a high volume of orders, it’s also a good choice. That doesn’t mean that eFulfillment Service can’t handle high monthly order volumes – it can.

Red Stag Fulfillment typically works with partners shipping hundreds of orders per month. We’re best suited for higher-volume support, but do offer flexibility in order volume minimums. Give us a call if this is a concern for you.

SKU Breadth Requirements

best fulfillment service by SKU breadth

The more products you sell, the wider your SKU breadth. The number of SKUs that your business sells will affect the cost to store and manage your inventory. You’ll want to discuss this with each fulfillment company you consider, whether it’s Red Stag Fulfillment vs. eFulfillment Service or other companies.

Some fulfillment companies require their clients to maintain a certain order-to-SKU ratio. For example, if you sell 100 different SKUs, you’d need to ship at least 500 orders per month to meet a 5:1 order-to-SKU requirement. 

eFulfillment Service doesn’t have any limits on SKU breadth. Nor does it require a certain order-to-SKU ratio. When you work with eFulfillment Service, you don’t have to worry about your SKU breadth.

Red Stag Fulfillment doesn’t have any hard and fast SKU breadth or order-to-SKU requirements. However, understanding your SKU breadth and order volume is an important part of the discussion when Red Stag onboards a new client. 

What Is the Ideal Number of Fulfillment Warehouses?

One of the major data points when you choose an order fulfillment company is warehouses. There are two metrics to consider: location and number.

You want to choose a fulfillment company with warehouses that can ship quickly to your customers. A fulfillment center in Miami is great if you sell Miami Dolphins fan gear. The bulk of your customers will be centered in and around Miami. However, if you sell gear for every NFL team, you’ll need to ship to customers across the US. A more centrally located warehouse or warehouses will reach more people faster. 

fulfillment warehouse

The more warehouses you ship from, the more customers you can reach quickly. However, more warehouses will also make your inventory management more complex. You’ll also need more inventory to stock more warehouses, so that’s an additional capital expense. The right number of warehouses will depend on your order volume and your business model. Basically, you want the smallest number of warehouses that can reach your customers quickly and cheaply.

Red Stag Fulfillment has two warehouse locations. eFulfillment Service has three warehouses, located in two different cities. 

There are many benefits to shipping from two cities. Dividing your inventory between just two locations makes inventory management easier. But, with just two warehouses in the right locations, you can offer fast delivery to most of your customers. Plus, you’ll save money on shipping because your orders won’t travel through as many shipping zones.

eFulfillment Service and Red Stag Fulfillment Warehouse Locations

With two order fulfillment warehouses in Knoxville, TN, and Salt Lake City, UT, Red Stag Fulfillment can ship to 97% of US addresses in two days or less.

Red Stag Fulfillment

Red Stag Fulfillment fulfillment warehouse locations

eFulfillment Service has one warehouse in Las Vegas, NV, and two in Traverse City, MI. eFulfillment Service can ship anywhere in the US in three days or less.

eFulfillment Service

fulfillment best fulfillment warehouse map

Which Is the Best Fulfillment Company for You, eFulfillment Service or Red Stag Fulfillment?

If you sell mostly small and light items, eFulfillment Service is a good choice for your business. If you ship items that weigh more than 10 pounds or bulky products, Red Stag Fulfillment is probably a better fit. However, there is always a gray area in between. 

If you’re not sure how to choose between Red Stag Fulfillment vs. eFulfillment Service, give both companies a call. Talk through service options, pricing, and added services like kitting and freight shipping. It may take a little time to explore your options. However, fulfillment is an important factor in the growth and profitability of your business. It’s worth investing some time up front to make sure you choose the best fulfillment company for your business.

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