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Shipping containers
By: Jake Rheude

Building a Resilient Supply Chain

When the coronavirus pandemic hit Asia in early 2020, many businesses experienced major supply chain disruptions. This highlighted the need for companies to build resilient supply chains. Now, more than ever, it’s essential to make your supply chain resilient …

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standard shipping
By: Alex Selwitz

Why Is Shipping So Expensive?

… freight companies of all sizes and types have responded to pandemic disruptions. Some of their strategies and continuing issues with global supply chains are pushing up shipping costs today.

Factors affecting shipping rates

Many factors, from global to hyper-local …

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By: Alex Selwitz

Best Practices For Sustainable Packaging

… of packaging in the U.S. involves paper, often in the form of cardboard. In 2018, half of the total global paper production went to make packaging.

Paper is biodegradable, recyclable, and easily printed on. Paper packaging includes corrugated boxes …

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