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It’s tempting to overlook eCommerce growth in today’s supply chain conversations. Most companies just want to make it through the week without everything screeching to a halt. But, we at Red Stag Fulfillment think now is the right time to start looking for a more prosperous future. We work with major players and new businesses every day to help them find a way through the mess and get on a path to eCommerce growth. Here’s where we focus and what Red Stag can do for you.

eCommerce growth

Keeps inventory accurate

You can’t expand if you don’t know what you have available to sell. Your business needs a partner that can tell you what’s on the shelf, help you determine normal sales volumes, and prepare you for what’s next based on the data they see. 3PLs can support eCommerce growth by giving you accurate, real-time inventory visibility across all SKUs and locations.

Trying to sell what’s not in stock means delayed orders or even lost sales. Red Stag Fulfillment wants to help you ensure that never happens again. That’s why we go a step farther than most 3PLs. Our goal is to get your goods processed faster so that your counts remain accurate. We guarantee that, after your shipment is unloaded in our facility, we’ll receive it accurately within two business days. Then, you’re protected by a second guarantee that if anything in your inventory is damaged or missing after receiving it into our facility, we will pay you the wholesale cost of that item.

The logistics industry averages a 98% inventory accuracy rate. We want to help you get that up to 100%, with no shrinkage, fast receiving, and guaranteed order accuracy.

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Carrier selection and eCommerce growth

At Red Stag Fulfillment, we negotiate specific rates with your carrier partners. We work to help you get the best rate possible across five national and regional carriers. Red Stag makes it easy for you to reduce costs, save time, and mitigate risks.

From a cost perspective, the scale of Red Stag’s outbound package volume allows us to leverage competitive rates with parcel carriers. Not only do we negotiate discounted rates, but our focus on heavy, bulky goods means we work to reduce costs for parcels that normally incur additional surcharges due to their size or weight.

You’ll save time by allowing Red Stag’s client support team to manage carrier relationships. When there’s a concern with a carrier claim, delayed inbound shipments, or anything else, we’re there to help. Red Stag can immediately work to resolve the problem and ensure the order or shipment issue is corrected. Instead, if you use your own accounts, your team would need to work with carriers to address that concern on top of their normal eCommerce workload.

ECommerce growth also occurs when you mitigate and address risks. Red Stag has multiple backups to keep our operations and your orders safe. That covers different security programs, Internet connections, servers, and carrier partners. By mixing regional and national carriers, we can fulfill orders in multiple ways to secure the best price or fastest delivery. No service disruption from a single carrier has to guarantee that all your orders grind to a halt.

flexible carrier selection

Offers the room you need for eCommerce growth

Red Stag Fulfillment helps retail eCommerce companies support their sales growth. We think warehouse space should never get in the way. We’ve designed our business and facilities always to have space you need to expand. That’s true when you’re just having a great month or when something like COVID hits and everyone needs more shelf space immediately.

Scale up or down as you need. To make this easier to understand and afford, we’ve adopted the cubic storage model. That helps you budget for storage space and understand what you’ll use each month. You get a precise measurement and aren’t paying for the air above a pallet. There’s no more worry about a pallet being unoptimized. Pay just for what you use, always with room to grow.

Warehouse inventory turnover ratio

Protects orders in transit

One way to almost guarantee an upset customer is to have products arrived broken or damaged. You then need to replace it, eating into those eCommerce sales margins, or the customer will just ask for a refund. Red Stag helps mitigate this risk by offering leading packaging services designed to protect every product in transit.

ECommerce packaging is your way to create a personal touch. Our packing experts know how to ensure your goods safely arrive while meeting your branding needs. That means heavy-duty cardboard, eco-friendly filler, custom tape, inserts, and much more. Any good 3PL will package your products with a focus on safety. We’ll work to keep everything intact while giving you options to create a fantastic unboxing experience. Safe orders and great fulfillment mean you’re saving money on replacements while encouraging long-term eCommerce growth with a robust customer base.

And, if you’ve already designed product packaging to be robust and secure, that’s how we’ll ship it. Use the engineering that’s already complete. That’s common for many chairs and flatpack furniture items, and Red Stag is happy to support your needs.

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Powers returns to improve customer service

ECommerce sales are a core function of your business, but they start a relationship with customers that doesn’t end quickly. There are many interactions you can have after a sale, some positive and others negative. A 3PL like Red Stag can help you avoid negativity even during a usually tense interaction, like an eCommerce return. It’s an opportunity to foster your eCommerce growth instead.

Returns are a fact of life for your store, so the challenging work isn’t to avoid them. The element your supply chain needs to master is making returns easy and simple. When you achieve this, you can secure greater sales and repeat business. A UPS survey found that 73% of people who have returned something online say that the experience impacts if they’ll shop at that store again. The easier and more enjoyable, the more likely they are to visit your shop.

Red Stag is here to simplify your returns by accepting them at both of our facilities. We process returns based on your specifications, helping you get viable products back in available inventory. Our efforts are proven to work, even during the unprecedented returns volume caused by the pandemic.

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We ship, you save, customers smile

The purpose of optimizing your supply chain with Red Stag Fulfillment is to enable your eCommerce growth. We invest in supply chain partnerships, relationships, and capabilities to improve supply chains every day. When you collaborate with us, our investment becomes yours. That means we enable your supply chain to drive growth.

Think of your favorite eCommerce store or marketplace that offers a positive sales and fulfillment experience. They’ve worked to build out their supply chain, either directly or with partners like Red Stag. You, as the customer, get to enjoy their hard work. That store can offer what you want or pivot when there’s an opportunity.

Red Stag wants to help you get your business there too. Let us be your competitive advantage. Click the image below to see how our partnership helped Pop-A-Shot grow, or click here to get started working with us right away.

read Red Stag's eCommerce growth performance for Pop-A-Shot

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I never envisioned that we would have this much growth – and they have grown with us seamlessly. As a partner, I take them for granted now. When you're a company as small as is, that's vital. That reliability – it's one less thing to worry about.
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My company cannot run without stellar customer service. We can't ship our big, heavy D2C packages properly without it, and we don't have to worry about anything with RSF. That's what it boils down to.
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"RSF has been part of our eCommerce journey since we sold our first carton of oatmilk through the internet and we have grown together."
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