ECommerce Fulfillment Services

Unrivaled order fulfillment for a new age of eCommerce

Why choose Red Stag Fulfillment for your eCommerce fulfillment services? With same-day order fulfillment, accuracy guarantees, and strategically-placed warehouses, Red Stag offers world-class eCommerce fulfillment services for online retailers and merchants.

eCommerce Shopping Cart Integrations

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Rethinking ECommerce Logistics From End To End

Born From eCommerce

Your eCommerce business can sell a highly-coveted product, promoted by a world-class marketing team, through a beautifully designed website, with unprecedented customer service. But without an exceptional eCommerce fulfillment provider, that value cannot be delivered to your customers. Let us show you why Red Stag Fulfillment is truly a cut above the rest.

Same-Day Shipping & Fulfillment

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Web-Based Inventory & Order Monitoring

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eCommerce Returns Processing

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Same-Day eCommerce Shipping & Fulfillment Services

Today's eCommerce customer expects their order to arrive at their doorstep as quickly as possible, in the exact condition anticipated, with timely and accurate transparency during the fulfillment and shipping process. That's why our eCommerce fulfillment operations allow you to monitor every order as it's being fulfilled. Furthermore, with as late as a 5:00 pm order cutoff time, your business will impress and retain more customers.
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It's one thing for eCommerce fulfillment services to boast about or promise Same-Day Order Fulfillment, but at Red Stag Fulfillment, we know we're carrying out an expectation for your business. That's why our efulfillment guarantees ensure that your orders are filled accurately and on time, 100% of the time.

eCommerce Warehousing & Inventory Monitoring

We work with our clients to optimize their inventory management using our web-based WMS (Warehouse Management System) to ensure complete visibility during each phase. In short, our technology and never-ending push towards perfection means you can spend less time worrying about your inventory, warehousing needs, and orders, and more time focusing on generating more sales and more profit.
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Inventory Shrinkage Savings

"Inventory shrinkage" is one of those hidden terms at most eCommerce fulfillment centers that states a fulfillment center is allowed to lose or damage a small percentage of your inventory. To put it plainly, we think this is ridiculous. Not only does the term "shrinkage allowance" not exist with Red Stag, but clients who have switched have experienced a 93.6% - 100% reduction in monthly inventory loss or damage.
Our clients achieve:
93.6% - 100%
Reduction in Monthly
Inventory Loss or Damage
after switching to Red Stag Fulfillment

eCommerce Fulfillment v. Drop-Shipping

As an online seller, terms such as “eCommerce fulfillment” and “drop-shipping” get used all the time, but what’s the difference between the two models? While traditional eCommerce fulfillment and drop-shipping both involve the process of getting your products into the hands of your customer who’s placed an order online, each involves a very different set of operations for your eCommerce business. Our helpful video below helps to explain the basic principles that make traditional fulfillment and drop-shipping different!

What Does it Mean For Your ECommerce Business?

How do our eCommerce fulfillment services translate into savings for you?
Reduced cash tied up in inventory
Automated order fulfillment
Faster decision making because of live, accurate reporting
Fewer inquiries for your customer service team
Lower storage fees
Improved demand planning
Higher customer satisfaction
Increase inventory turn rate
Automated return processing
Zero shrinkage allowance

Returns Processing & Reverse Logistics

Returns or reverse logistics are a natural part of operating an eCommerce business. Even when a product is returned, Red Stag's Reverse Logistics Processes can help you take a lost sale and turn it into an exceptional customer experience.
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How Do We Do This?

Exceptional Speed:
The moment we receive a return, our processes begin. We guarantee that all orders are processed in 2 days or less so that your customer receives their refund in a timely manner.
Monitored Processes:
We take video and pictures of every product received. This way, there are no questions about the condition of returned products.
Customized Solutions:
Depending on your return policy, Red Stag can ship returns to you for refurbishing or re-packaging, or we can handle these processes for you and restock the product.

Applying Our eCommerce Logistics Expertise

Optimized Ecommerce Packaging

Optimized eCommerce Packaging

Outside of providing a superior eCommerce fulfillment service, we can analyze the process your current provider is using and identify considerable cost savings to be had through a combination of standardized package consolidation and shipping discounts. We were able to show one client how we could provide them better services that we guaranteed, and save them 24% off their current eCommerce shipping charges.
Package Consolidation

eCommerce Package Consolidation

We can help you configure our system to maximize the item consolidation per package for your products. The more items that are put into each package, the fewer packages our clients have to pay to ship. We helped one client lower their packages per order by 22% when they switched from a previous online fulfillment company to RSF, saving them several thousands of dollars per month in shipping charges.
Custom Package Design

Custom Package Design & Development

We work with our clients to source and test the appropriate box and tape for their products. When the right box and tape are used, our clients’ packages are optimally protected, and they will have to resolve fewer shipping claims. We helped one client reduce their eCommerce shipping claims by more than 70% using this approach.
Fill out our fulfillment questionnaire to find out if Red Stag Fulfillment is the best fulfillment company for you. If you need help finding the right fulfillment company for 3PL and warehouse services, give us a call. We're happy to make a recommendation — even if it isn't us.