The Herd

Fulfillment is a people-focused industry, and Red Stag is proud to encourage, support, and celebrate our people, “The Herd.” From port to porch, our experts have you covered.

The Herd

Red Stag Fulfillment: Born from ECommerce to Serve ECommerce

The 2012 holiday season was rough for the eCommerce entrepreneurs who conceived and founded Red Stag Fulfillment.

Our founders started, as many eCommerce business owners do, by shipping orders themselves and storing merchandise in a garage. With success came growth, and they outsourced their fulfillment to a third-party logistics provider.

Their 2012 holiday sales were excellent, setting another growth milestone for their budding enterprise. But that season turned into a disaster when the 3PL couldn’t ship their orders on time. So customers didn’t get orders in time for holiday gifts, and the forward trajectory of their eCommerce business slowed to a crawl.

When Red Stag’s founders arrived at the fulfillment warehouse to pick and pack orders and try to salvage their holiday sales, they found a space strewn with trash and demoralized employees who didn’t take pride in their work. The founders realized that excellent fulfillment was crucial to their success and knew there must be a better way. So, the next year, they started a 3PL.

Red Stag Fulfillment is the better way to do fulfillment.

Our company centers on the success of our clients because our business thrives if your business thrives. Our founders infused Red Stag with an entrepreneurial spirit that inspires our drive for excellence. We treat our staff with respect and dignity, because their drive and ingenuity are critical to meeting our high standards of service.

In less than a decade, Red Stag Fulfillment has grown from an aspiration to fill a need in the fulfillment industry to one of that industry’s leading 3PLs, repeatedly acknowledged as a top fulfillment company for heavy, bulky, and high-value products.

Red Stag Fulfillment was created by eCommerce entrepreneurs to help eCommerce companies achieve greatness.

Our core values

We’re Here To Build Something Great

Red Stag Fulfillment has five core values that drive our behavior and inform how we build teams and lasting partnerships. They guide everything we do, and you’ll feel them in every email we send, how we treat your business, and how we encourage workers in the warehouse. This is who we are.

We Act Like We Own It

Herd members take ownership of our jobs and the equipment and processes needed to complete that work. From maintaining a forklift and taking care of a workstation to picking up the phone and troubleshooting an inbound container, we take pride in mastering all parts of our work and stepping up to any challenge that arises.

We Sweat The Small Stuff

We’re a detailed-oriented team that focuses on getting every aspect of the job done right. Every task deserves to be taken seriously and done to the best of our ability. Getting the little things correct ensures we take care of our people and partners.

We Have Positive Attitudes

The best work is done by people who are happy and excited to be here. Red Stag fosters and celebrates positive attitudes by encouraging every team member to excel. We weather adversity by standing together with a smile.

We Treat Everyone With Dignity & Respect

Every person deserves a positive and respectful work environment every day. We’re proud that Red Stag is made of people from diverse backgrounds, and we ensure that our facilities are welcoming spaces for every member of The Herd.

We Always Seek To Improve

Every day comes with opportunities to learn and improve. Red Stag sets aggressive goals to offer a better service to our partners and ensures our team members have what they need to grow and take that next step.

Our Leadership Team

We’re a growing team of fulfillment professionals and operational leaders dedicated to your success. Meet the people shaping the world of fulfillment done right.

Dusty Holcomb

Dusty Holcomb

Chief Executive Officer

Tony Runyan

Tony Runyan

Vice President of Client Success

Lisa R. Bridges

Lisa R. Bridges

Chief Financial Officer

Shannon Cucksey

Shannon Cucksey

VP of Human Resources

Philander Harvey

Philander Harvey

Chief Technology Officer

Todd Fulks

Todd Fulks

General Counsel

Paul Zalewski

Paul Zalewski

Chief Marketing Officer

Brandon Cantrell

Brandon Cantrell

Chief Sales Officer

Meet Dusty Holcomb, CEO

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Dusty Holcomb joined “The Herd” at Red Stag Fulfillment in May 2021. As a leader in a dynamic industry, his focus as CEO is on three things: delivering exceptional value for our clients, operational excellence, and curating an exceptional leadership culture. He is committed to developing, inspiring, and leading a team of client centric problem solvers who are constantly innovating and adapting new techniques and technologies to serve clients better.

While he values all Red Stag’s core principles, “we treat all with dignity and respect” stands out most for Dusty. He believes we are all people first and every team member should be treated with utmost respect, no matter what role they have in the organization.

As a triathlete and the CEO of a client-centered business, Dusty has always believed in going the extra mile.

Meet Lisa R. Bridges, CFO

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Lisa Bridges joined “The Herd” in May 2023, and is responsible for leading our best-in-class finance operations, enabling Red Stag Fulfillment to grow and scale to meet our clients’ growth needs.

She brings decades of broad financial experience to bear and has spent her career leading companies specializing in e-commerce; full-service logistics (warehouse, fulfillment, distribution, and transportation); and technology services. She recognizes that the success of any business is defined by its clients’ success, and as such her attention is always focused on understanding and solving our clients’ problems.

When she’s not “sweating the small stuff,” Lisa may be watching her favorite sports team, cooking game day food, or enjoying the outdoors, and boating.

Meet Brandon Cantrell, CSO

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Chief Sales Officer Brandon Cantrell joined Red Stag Fulfillment in 2022 after successfully supporting several eCommerce brands.  Hands-on experience taught him that business owners and operators must have a reliable, forward-thinking fulfillment partnership to assure consistency and supercharge their own business growth. It’s all about listening, learning and teamwork.

Brandon is a strong believer of Red Stag’s focus on “sweating the small stuff” to drive a better customer experience. The opportunity to play a role in client success and growth is what motivates him to come to work every day.

Brandon coaches in youth sports programs, aiming to pass on the message that success depends on…listening, learning, and teamwork.

Meet Shannon Cucksey, VP of HR

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Shannon Cucksey joined “The Herd” in August 2022. As the VP of Human Resources, she believes that by creating meaningful, people-centric processes and programs that care for our team members, our Herd is better positioned to focus on taking care of our clients. “When we take care of the Herd, we take care of our clients.”

A highly experienced leader of people in a variety of human capital roles with companies such as Target, Shannon is dedicated to not only solving people issues but also fostering collaboration at Red Stag Fulfillment.

Beyond being a cheerleader for her favorite athletes – her children – Shannon loves cooking, writing, and doing crafts. She also devotes her time to the East Tennessee Children’s Hospital and the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation.

Meet Philander Harvey, CTO

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Philander Harvey joined Red Stag Fulfillment in March of 2023. He believes that businesses succeed or fail based on their ability to place client needs as the highest priority, and he’s excited to be a part of Red Stag’s culture with its focus on delivering results for clients. Philander believes that providing internal and external clients with a superior customer experience is vital to meeting Red Stag’s high-quality standards.

Red Stag’s role as a leader in customer experience was what initially attracted Philander to work here, and the core value that speaks to him the most is “We have positive attitudes.” It sums up the optimistic outlook he brings to helping clients turn technical challenges into success stories.

An Alabama native, Philander loves reading and learning about new things, especially the way machines work.

Meet Paul Zalewski, CMO

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Paul Zalewski joined Red Stag Fulfillment in June 2023 as our Chief Marketing Officer. He brings a deep client-centric approach to marketing, believing that great marketing starts and ends with a great client experience.

Paul is excited to be part of the growing Herd, where he enjoys assisting e-commerce businesses in finding a reliable 3PL partner who shares their vision and is committed to the growth of their enterprise. He appreciates Red Stag’s core value of “always seeking to improve” because great companies can never stop seeking to improve for their clients.

When he is not working, Paul enjoys spending time with his wife and 2 daughters and enjoys learning and experimenting with innovative digital marketing strategies.

Meet Todd Fulks, GC

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Todd Fulks came to Red Stag Fulfillment in 2021 after 15 years as in-house litigation manager across multiple divisions for a national company. The patience he developed as a litigator encourages him to always seek common ground, and win-win solutions to challenging problems.

The Red Stag Fulfillment core principle of “we treat everyone with dignity and respect” resonates with Todd because that’s a motto he lives by. When reviewing a contract with a new client, he tries to put himself in their shoes.

In his spare time, Todd loves to read or listen to audiobooks, especially classic works of fiction and history books.

Meet Tony Runyan, VP of CS

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Tony Runyan joined Red Stag Fulfillment in 2017. His experience operating sales and customer service for a software startup has taught him that delivering super B2B customer service is essential for both partners in the relationship. As the VP of Client Success, Tony onboards and guides clients, helping them access the growth opportunities that partnership with Red Stag creates.

Tony embodies the “act like you own it” RSF core value as he guides his team to understand and feel the emotions of our clients. His team feels the joys and sometimes pains alongside our clients as they work through their fulfillment journey.

Tony teaches business courses at Carson-Newman University and is a committed community and church volunteer.

Our guarantees

A promise
to you

We put our money where our business is. Red Stag Fulfillment offers a variety of industry-leading guarantees for order fulfillment and shipping. On the rare occasion we get something wrong, we fix it and pay you for the inconvenience.

100% order accuracy icon
100% order accuracy
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Zero inventory shrinkage icon
Zero inventory shrinkage
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Fast inbound receiving icon
Fast inbound receiving
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Same day delivery icon
Same day delivery
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Accurate pick, pack, & ship

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It should go without saying that you and your customers expect perfect fulfillment and order processing. Unfortunately, the average fulfillment company may have an order mis-pick rate of 4%, where one out of every 25 orders is wrong.

Red Stag Fulfillment, on the other hand, has an error rate of less than 0.02%, or just 1 out of more than 5,000 orders. Even with that performance level, we take it one step further.

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Red Stag Fulfillment stands alone in the industry when we say: If an order is shipped with the wrong item or the wrong number of items, not only will we fix the mistake, but you won’t pay for that shipment AND we’ll pay you $50 for the inconvenience.

100% inventory accuracy

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A key component in making sure your customers get what they want, when they want it, is to make sure the product is ready to pick when it’s ordered. Unfortunately, the industry average for inventory accuracy is only 98%. Said another way, if you have $1 million worth of inventory, the average ecom fulfillment provider will lose $20,000 worth of your product. You shouldn’t have to lose money because of fulfillment services’ mistakes.

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Red Stag Fulfillment stands alone in the industry when we say: If any of your inventory is damaged or missing after we receive it into our facility, we will pay you the wholesale cost of that item.

No more inventory lag

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In order to have inventory available to sell quickly, you need your warehouse fulfillment provider to receive products into the system as soon as they arrive. Some online order fulfillment services have a “we’ll receive it when we get to it” mentality when it comes to your products. That’s not us. We’ll get your inventory accurately unloaded right away.

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Red Stag Fulfillment stands alone in the industry when we say: When your shipment is unloaded in our facility, we’ll receive it accurately within two days, or we’ll pay you $50 for the inconvenience.

Same-day fulfillment

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Ecommerce is growing more competitive by the day. As competition grows, so do your customers’ expectations. You can’t afford to have a certain percentage of your orders shipping late. You and your customers expect more.

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Red Stag Fulfillment stands alone in the industry when we say: 100% of your orders will be shipped according to your chosen service level (Next Business Day, 3pm or 5pm cutoff), or else you don’t pay for that shipment, AND we’ll pay you $50 for the inconvenience.