Our Commitment

We seek to foster a culture of excellence at Red Stag Fulfillment. Our core belief is the idea of continuous improvement. It’s this approach to our business that translates into the commitments, guarantees, and attention to details we offer our customers.

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We feel your pain

Plainly speaking, we stand behind our guarantees.
So much so that if we don’t achieve them we’ll fix it for free, and pay you $50.

Red Stag Fulfillment Guarantees...

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Reliable Pick/Pack/Ship Services

100% Guaranteed
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Secure Inventory Management

100% Guaranteed
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Fast Same Day Fulfillment As late as 5:00 pm Cutoff

100% Guaranteed
Order Processing

Sweat the Small Stuff...

Attention to Details = Optimized Solutions

Should you care what kind of tape we use to secure your products for shipping? Should you care that we have 3 internet service providers, including a wireless option, to ensure our systems are always operational? Should you care that our system and processes are designed to consolidate your orders into the fewest packages possible to minimize your costs? Of course, the answer is "YES!” We focus on the details that make a difference in your ability to serve your customers and impact your bottom line.

Security and Backup

Professional and clean warehouse environment with uniformed employees that have passed full background checks.
State-of-the-art, 24-hour security system that monitors and records every part of the facility, inside and outside, complete with multiple power sources for backup.
Individualized access control system with on-site management.
Metal detectors at all ingress and egress locations.
Backup generator for facility power.
Secured server room with multiple backup power sources and independent climate control.
Website hosting service provider with 100% uptime track record.
User-specific, permission-based login to business account information.
Off-site data servers with access via multiple backup service providers.

Package Consolidation

We work with our clients to configure our system to maximize the item consolidation per package for their products. The more items that are put into each package, the fewer packages our clients have to pay to ship. We helped one client lower their packages per order by 22% when they switched from a previous fulfillment provider to RSF, saving them several thousands of dollars per month in shipping charges.

Packaging Design & Development

When the right box and tape are used, our clients’ packages are more protected, and they have fewer shipping claims to resolve.

Logistics/Inventory Mgmt.

We work with our clients to optimize their inventory management and logistics processes. We help them determine things like demand planning, replenishment plans, and upstream production or reorder scheduling. Let us help you have less capital tied up in inventory and improve your company's profitability.

Avoid Death by 1,000 cuts

A successful partnership is developed through honesty and trust. Too many times companies don’t follow these simple principles, especially when it comes to their cost of services. Here’s an idea: let’s be up-front about costs and not try to nickel-and-dime you to death.
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