WooCommerce Fulfillment Services

Make Your Shipping For WooCommerce Quick And Efficient With Red Stag’s Order Fulfillment Services.

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Ship orders directly from your WooCommerce store to your customers with Red Stag Fulfillment. Easily stock your products in our warehouse and manage your inventory with our streamlined order fulfillment services. We confirm your sales and ship them out as fast as orders come into your online store.

WooCommerce Fulfillment Services
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Easy WooCommerce Shipping

Marketing your WooCommerce store and serving your eCommerce customers are what you do best, but you need a top-notch WooCommerce fulfillment company to make the last touchpoint a positive one. After all, order fulfillment is the final link in the value chain between you and your customer. Your WooCommerce shipping company is a critical business partner that should enable the future growth of your store and allow you to scale more easily.

You don’t just need a WooCommerce shipping integration; you need a WooCommerce shipping and 3PL partner that is world-class at what they do. Our network of shipping warehouses allows us to hit the ideal balance between speed and cost reduction, ensuring your customers get their orders fulfilled on-time and at a reasonable cost to you. Leave the order fulfillment and shipping to us, it’s our specialty!

Easy WooCommerce Shipping
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A WooCommerce 3PL For All Your Fulfillment Needs

Our Guarantees

A Promise
To You

At Red Stag Fulfillment, we strive for perfection. While nobody is perfect, we get pretty close and we’re always working to get even better. That’s why we put in place the best accuracy guarantees in the third-party logistics industry, to ensure that your WooCommerce fulfillment is seamless. Our company was founded by eCommerce entrepreneurs, for eCommerce entrepreneurs. We believe the best third-party fulfillment services are the ones you don’t have to think about because you get so few complaints.

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Accurate Pick, Pack, & Ship
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Zero Inventory Shrinkage
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Fast Inbound Receiving
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Same-Day Fulfillment

Here are some of Red Stag Fulfillment's order accuracy guarantees for WooCommerce 3PL customers:

  • Pick-and-pack guarantee: We have an error rate of less than 0.02% vs the industry average of 4% due to our multi-step verification process. If we mis-pick or mis-pack an order, we pay the cost to fix the issue AND we pay you $50.
  • Shipping guarantee: Your customer’s expectations are high and we are here to keep them happy. We ship your orders right the first time. If not, we pay the shipping costs AND we pay you $50.
  • 2 day dock-to-stock guarantee: When we receive inventory for your WooCommerce store, we move it from the dock to the shelves in 2 days or less, so your products spend less time in transit and are available to sell quickly. If it takes us more than 2 days, we pay you $50.
  • Shrinkage guarantee: We almost never lose inventory, and this has saved some of our clients thousands of dollars every month. At our 3PL warehouse, we hold ourselves accountable for every item on our shelves. Shrinkage is simply not part of our vocabulary. If we break or lose any of your merchandise, we reimburse you for the cost of the item.

We are confident in our accuracy guarantees due to our multiple backup systems and safeguards. We have backups for power and internet, so we can provide uninterrupted service. We have cameras to monitor our warehouses. If a problem does arise, we can review the footage and figure out exactly what happened. Then we refine our processes to eliminate that mistake in the future.

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WooCommerce Fulfillment Integration

We are a technology company as much as we are a fulfillment company. We recognize that eCommerce fulfillment is only as good as the software it runs on.

Our WooCommerce integration allows up-to-the-minute reporting and gives you a powerful real-time dashboard. That puts you in the driver’s seat, so you can make smart decisions and stay nimble in the fast-paced world of eCommerce. Our software connects with your online WooCommerce store via a third-party API to ensure a seamless, automated process from your customer’s shopping cart to our fulfillment center. Our system is designed to make 3PL fulfillment an effortless and accurate process.

With our WooCommerce fulfillment integration you don’t have to email or upload orders to use our order fulfillment services. Red Stag Fulfillment’s integrated order fulfillment technology ensures that we can guarantee that your inventory is put away on our shelves and ready for sale on your website within 2 days after it arrives at our warehouse. That same tech allows us to offer same-day order fulfillment, while keeping your shipping costs down.

WooCommerce third party logistics provider

Don't Just Take Our Word For It

See What Our Partners Have To Say

Leading Home Furniture Brand
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As a global direct-to-consumer home furniture brand, we’ve had the pleasure of relying on Red Stag Fulfillment as our logistics provider. Over the years, they’ve been a great fit for our needs, even as we’ve scaled our order volume more than 10x since we started working with them. Red Stag has consistently supported our accelerated growth, especially during the pandemic. One of the things we also love about RSF is how they go the extra mile for their clients, especially with value-added special projects. This effective partnership has been crucial for our customers’ satisfaction and the overall successful operations of our business. Thank you, Red Stag Fulfillment!
I have had an incredibly positive experience working with Red Stag Fulfilment, they have consistently demonstrated great management and fantastic communication. Their expertise in helping our Australia-based headquarters seamlessly expand into the USA with two new locations has been invaluable in maintaining our outstanding customer service reputation. RSFs commitment to delivering excellent service and meeting KPIs has empowered our business to grow and thrive.
Red Stag Fulfillment got us set up quickly and with little effort on our side. We were onboarded just in time for our peak season, and Red Stag right away delivered flawlessly. They even accommodated our last-minute changes by taking on additional order volume and inbound deliveries, all while beating the promised SLAs. The Red Stag team always replied, “Happy to help!” when we were in a bind due to our order volume being two times our forecast.

Red Stag + WooCommerce

Benefits To Outsourcing Your WooCommerce Shipping & Fulfillment To Red Stag Fulfillment

WooCommerce inventory storage

Inventory Management

At Red Stag Fulfillment, we know that our business succeeds only if your business succeeds. That’s why smart inventory management is a key element of our WooCommerce fulfillment services. We use the expertise we have gained from working with hundreds of different companies to help you determine ideal inventory and restocking levels. Our goal is to work with you to minimize your logistics and shipping costs to maximize your profits.

WooCommerce returns management

Returns Management

Properly managed reverse logistics are key when choosing a WooCommerce fulfillment warehouse. A smooth returns process will increase customer satisfaction and help you manage your stock better. Our expert 3PL provider team members review each return to determine whether it’s in a condition to be put back in your WooCommerce store inventory. We get returns back on the shelves quickly, so you don’t lose another sale.

Custom WooCommerce kitting

Kitting And Customization

We also offer kitting services. You can sell fully customized products with WooCommerce and still outsource your fulfillment. Subscription boxes are a hot eCommerce item, and you can take advantage of those services by letting us pack kits, sets, and subscription boxes as orders come in. We can also accommodate unkitting and return items to their original SKUs, as well as light assembly and product customization. Need to add a name or house number to a product before shipping? Just let us know. Our full-service fulfillment warehouse staff can handle a range of special requests to make your WooCommerce store truly unique.

WooCommerce national fulfillment services

National Fulfillment

We have strategically-located fulfillment warehouses on both the East and West Coasts, meaning we can ship your orders to more than 97% of U.S. households in two days or less. Your customers will love the short delivery times and thanks to the real-time WooCommerce integration the orders will always go out as quickly as they come in.

This presentation may contain statements or convey expectations that involve assumptions and ideal-states regarding our technologies, infrastructures, and workflows. Due to the ever-changing nature of our business, experiences and results may differ from the outcomes expressed or implied by the statements we make.

Red Stag Fulfillment, Inc. assumes no obligation to and may not update these presentations. Please contact sales@redstagfulfillment.com or your Red Stag Customer Success representative to confirm any information contained therein.

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Red Stag Fulfillment Is A Top Choice For Your WooCommerce Fulfillment Integration

At Red Stag Fulfillment, we want to be more than your WooCommerce fulfillment company. We consider ourselves your partner. When your business thrives, so does ours. We would love to help you maximize your profits and minimize your fulfillment costs. Call Red Stag today and find out how we can help you.

WooCommerce fulfillment integration
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You’ll Love Having
Red Stag Fulfillment
As Your Company Warehouse

Fill out our fulfillment questionnaire to find out if Red Stag Fulfillment is the best fulfillment company for you. If you need help finding the right fulfillment company for 3PL and warehouse services, give us a call. We’re happy to make a recommendation — even if it isn’t us.