omnichannel fulfillment

Omnichannel Fulfillment vs. Multichannel Fulfillment

Most eCommerce businesses sell on multiple eCommerce platforms. You might have a website or a Shopify store, list products on Amazon Marketplace, sell on Facebook, and also sell in brick-and-mortar locations. If you take a multichannel approach to sales, your […]

small business ecommerce tools

ECommerce Tools for Small Business Success

It can often feel like there are too many eCommerce tools for any company to manage. Every time you go to Google, it seems like there are new ads, articles, and search results for “the next big thing” promising to […]

shipping options for eCommerce

Best Shipping Options for ECommerce

Shipping and delivery are a vital part of your eCommerce business. Shipping is also one of the highest costs of eCommerce fulfillment. Fortunately, because of the growing popularity of online retail, shipping options for eCommerce have expanded. Here’s your complete […]

inventory control in a warehouse

Inventory Control 101: What, Why, and Best Practices

How can you know if your fulfillment operations are on track when you’re not practicing inventory control? That’s one of the most critical warehouse-related questions any eCommerce business should ask itself or its fulfillment partner. If you’re not measuring and […]

packing station

What Technology Can Be Used to Fulfill Orders?

One of the first questions new partners and potential customers ask is: What technology can be used to fulfill orders, and what does Red Stag Fulfillment support? That can be a long answer because, like most things today, there are […]