7 Tips for Leveraging Your Sales with Digital Marketing

It is not difficult to leverage sales with Digital Marketing if you use best practices in brand strategy. This way, companies can meet the public’s expectations, providing a qualified experience that will generate more conversions. For this, it is necessary […]

7 Tips for Creating Inventory Forecasts

Inventory forecasting is the most important way to protect your cash flow and save time as an eCommerce business owner. This is the practice of tracking all products in your warehouse for their entire journey, from being sold and pending […]

inventory management

Shopify Inventory Management

Shopify is one of the largest eCommerce platforms in the world. A Shopify store is a great way to reach consumers. However, to run a truly successful online store, you need excellent inventory control. Shopify inventory management is an essential […]


Mobile Marketing Strategy: 32 Statistics-Driven Tips

A shift has occurred in digital media. People now spend 60% of their time interacting with online content, not on their desktops but their mobile devices. What does this entail for your brand? It means that your mobile marketing strategy […]

Amazon shopping

Amazon Listing Optimization

When you become an Amazon seller, you gain access to the biggest online marketplace in the world. More than half of product searches happen on Amazon, not Google or another search engine. But all that traffic doesn’t help you if […]

warehouse layout

Guide to Warehouse Slotting Strategies

Warehouse slotting is an inventory management tool that can increase the efficiency of your operations. Before you dive into slotting, it’s important to collect data on your past sales. You should also understand the storage and handling needs of fragile […]

checking shipping address

Billing Address vs. Shipping Address

When someone places an order in your eCommerce store, they have to confirm two addresses. You need their shipping address and also the billing address for their payment method. These two addresses may be exactly the same. Or they may […]

unboxing experience

Anatomy of the Perfect Unboxing Experience

As the marketplace for physical products continues its inexorable transition online, eCommerce companies have to get creative about customer interaction. You can connect with your customers through your social media and marketing efforts. Consumer experience with your website is another […]

USPS logo

Guide to USPS Certified Mail

The extra cost and hassle of certified mail aren’t worth it for most eCommerce packages. No signature required is a popular delivery option, because it lets people get letters and packages when no one is home to receive them. However, […]

How to Sell on Amazon: The Complete Guide

Amazon is an online marketplace used by millions of people globally. From clothing to electronics to toiletries, you can find almost anything on Amazon.

Wondering how you can get in on the action? All you need is a small monetary investment to get started and the knowledge of how to run a successful listing.

SKU and UPC codes

Guide to SKU Numbers

SKU is short for stock keeping unit. SKU numbers help you automate inventory management. For new eCommerce sellers, SKU numbers aren’t a requirement. As your business grows, however, you will find that SKUs help you understand sales trends and grow […]