Flexible kitting in manufacturing

Kitting Process Flow in Fulfillment

Kitting is an essential element of eCommerce fulfillment. If you want the most options for efficient logistics, you want the option to add a kitting process flow to your fulfillment operations. Traditional 3PL services include warehousing, pick and pack fulfillment, […]

warehouse services

What Are Warehouse Services?

If you sell products online, you need warehouse services for your eCommerce fulfillment. Sourcing the right warehouse services for your company can boost your profitability and customer satisfaction. Here’s the information you need to locate the optimal warehousing for your […]

unboxing experience

Marketing and Fulfillment Services Guide

When you think about eCommerce fulfillment, you probably consider inventory management, packaging, and delivery times. You might not consider fulfillment as part of your marketing strategy — but you should. Marketing and fulfillment services go together for eCommerce companies. Your […]

palletized shipping

What You Should Know About Palletized Shipping

At Red Stag Fulfillment, we ship thousands of separate parcels to individual consumers. But, since eCommerce fulfillment is constantly evolving, our services continue to grow and change. Recently, we’ve had more clients requesting palletized shipping. So here’s what you should […]


What Does a Warehouse Kitter Do?

Kitting is an add-on eCommerce fulfillment service that adds value to your logistics. Kits are pre-assembled packs that combine multiple SKUs into a single new SKU. Kitting is one of Red Stag Fulfillment’s core services because we have found that […]

grow and scale your business

How to Grow and Scale Your Business with RSF

One of the most significant barriers to eCommerce growth is logistics. If you can figure out order processing and delivery, you will be able to grow and scale your business. Top-quality eCommerce fulfillment is the essential ingredient in eCommerce success. […]

global order fulfillment

Global Order Fulfillment Strategies

Your eCommerce fulfillment plan probably covers the most significant pain points for your business. It keeps your inventory management lean but uses demand forecasting to ensure that your most popular products are rarely backordered. You use national fulfillment center locations […]

omnichannel fulfillment

Omnichannel Fulfillment vs. Multichannel Fulfillment

Most eCommerce businesses sell on multiple eCommerce platforms. You might have a website or a Shopify store, list products on Amazon Marketplace, sell on Facebook, and also sell in brick-and-mortar locations. If you take a multichannel approach to sales, your […]

superior 3rd party logistics

The Value of Superior Third-Party Logistics

It can be hard to quantify the value that superior third-party logistics provides to your business. While you see the cost when things go wrong — return shipping, replacement products, dissatisfied customers — it’s not always easy to understand what […]

fulfillment center vs. warehouse

Cubic Storage Model: The New Industry Standard

High-tech warehousing has a new way to calculate space and pricing: the cubic storage model. This warehousing model uses a daily calculation of the cubic feet taken up by every item in the warehouse. ECommerce fulfillment companies can use this […]

data-driven insights from ecommerce analytics

Does Your Fulfillment Lack Data-Driven Insights?

Supply chains and eCommerce companies have a wealth of information about every aspect of their business, and turning to data-driven insights can help you leverage it for great success. That’s a significant promise, but it can be hard to understand […]