On selectivity — why is Red Stag so darn picky about choosing clients?

Fulfillment is a messy business.

At Red Stag, we strive for perfection every single day—but we don’t promise it. We live by our internal mantra: “We get it right, or we make it right”.

And we back up that mantra with our performance guarantees:

  • Zero shrink
  • Zero mispicks
  • Zero missed shipments

If we miss any of those goals, we’ll fix it (at no cost to you) AND pay you $50 for the hassle—every time.

Why do we do this? It keeps us aligned with your goals. If you win, so do we. If you feel pain, we believe that we should too.

Combine that with a team and culture that demands excellence, and you wind up with impressive results. Here are two examples.

Client 1, in their first few months shipping with us:

  • 50,490 packages shipped
  • 99.996% on-time order processing
  • 99.994% order accuracy

Client 2, during a a recent complete inventory audit we conducted for a long-time client:

  • 10,000+ pallet locations and 200,000+ units
  • Audit results: 99.999% inventory accuracy
  • And yes, we wrote a check for the .001% shrinkage. 

Again: we get it right, or we make it right…

But, anyone can cherrypick two clients. Our overall 2024 numbers, year to date: 99.993% accuracy across inbound, inventory, order accuracy, and on-time shipping. 

Aligned incentives and demanding excellence are two huge pieces of the puzzle for us. But there’s one more important thing—we’re picky.

The truth is, we aren’t the best fit for every ecommerce company out there, and we don’t want to be. Red Stag has made deliberate business decisions that provide ideal capabilities for certain types of businesses.

But these decisions come with tradeoffs, and those choices mean we’re just not the right choice for everyone. We’re selective in who we work with because it’s the best way to honor our commitment to getting things right for our clients and delivering the best service possible.

  • We intentionally have just two warehouse locations: one in Knoxville, Tennessee, and one in Salt Lake City, Utah. Those two locations allow us to reach 96% of the U.S. in two days with ground shipping. For our clients, this simplifies inventory management. We don’t have 37 warehouse locations, and we don’t have locations outside the U.S. (though we do have partners). If you really need these things, we’re not a fit.
  • We don’t serve companies that sell apparel as their primary product. If you’re an apparel brand, it’s nothing personal, and we’re happy to make some recommendations, but we’re not a fit.
  • We do best in certain niches and specialties. We cut our teeth in big, heavy, bulky, and oversized products (20+ lbs). Today, more than a decade after we shipped our first packages, our clients are more diverse—including small products like protein powers and home electronics that go out in poly mailers. But we’re not a fit if you have thousands of SKUs, require complex returns management, or need refrigeration.

Red Stag isn’t a fit for everyone. But when we are, we’re confident that we’re the absolute best option for each client we serve. To find out more, talk with a member of our sales team by filling out this form.

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Red Stag Fulfillment is a 3PL founded by ecommerce operators, and built for scaling businesses.

A team of fulfillment fanatics who care about our clients’ businesses like their own. We see things from our customers’ perspective, and have the guarantees to prove it.

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3PL founded by ecommerce operators, and built for scaling businesses
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