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New Chief Operating Officer Joins Red Stag Fulfillment to Enhance Operational Excellence

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    As we wrap up this holiday season, Red Stag Fulfillment is thrilled to announce that yet another strategically chosen leader will join the Herd — beginning January 3, 2022, highly experienced operations and growth executive Dave Carroll will step into the role of Chief Operating Officer!

    Dave Carroll, Red Stag Fulfillment's Chief Operating Officer

    Dave Carroll specializes in advancing and improving operational processes, developing leadership potential within his teams, and driving revenue growth through strong, efficient operations. Currently located in Utah, Dave will spend the first few months of his tenure with Red Stag splitting his time between the Salt Lake City and Knoxville warehouses in order to learn, assess, redefine, adapt, and realign the processes and procedures in place throughout each RSF campus.

    After that, Dave and his family will be relocating to Knoxville, Tennessee, to work alongside the rest of the executive leadership team in Red Stag Fulfillment’s headquarters — and he’ll begin implementing operational processes for the successful opening of the Sweetwater, Tennessee campus of warehouses, which are scheduled to become operational in September of 2022, almost immediately!

    “I am excited to welcome Dave, who comes to us with an extensive track record of creating exceptional results in multi-site management, through operational effectiveness, training and development, and relentless execution. Dave impressed me right away with his unbridled energy and enthusiasm for both learning and teaching, and I cannot wait to see how our team accelerates under his leadership. We have begun a new chapter for Red Stag Fulfillment and I’m excited to see what lies on the horizon for us,” says Dusty Holcomb, CEO of Red Stag Fulfillment.

    That sentiment couldn’t be more accurate — Red Stag has entered a new phase of client-centric growth, building on our foundation of operational excellence and execution, and the addition of yet another highly skilled leader to the executive leadership team is exciting for not only our team members but also clients, partners, and prospects. Dave’s additional horsepower will help fuel the engine that delivers Red Stag’s superior customer service and drives our client-centric processes all while keeping our multiple campuses operating seamlessly together at peak efficiency.

    “What struck me most about Red Stag, starting with the initial job description for this role, was how people-centric the culture is. Walking around on the floor when I visited, talking to different people — I made the comment when I left that it felt like a family at Red Stag and that’s something I can’t wait to be part of,” says Dave. “One of my passions is team development. I am so excited to come into this role and begin helping to develop the leadership qualities in our Herd members, both current and future.”

    But of course, that will only be one aspect of his role as Chief Operating Officer. Here at Red Stag, we re-earn our clients’ trust each and every day by elevating their expectations through superior operational excellence — and the COO will be crucial in this. Dave will spend most of his days being responsible for mastering, enhancing, and scaling our operational systems and processes; building new functions; launching multiple new sites; and cultivating our internal leadership pipeline — all while exceeding the daily service level expectations of our valued clients.

    “I’m a very process-oriented person. Right now, the 3PL and logistics industries at large are rapidly growing and RSF is in the process of modernizing to create a better foothold in the expanding space. I think continuing to create processes and procedures for efficiency is going to be crucial for this industry,” says Dave.

    The entire Red Stag team is thrilled to welcome Dave to the Herd and we can’t wait to see what kind of opportunities arise when our operational processes have been updated and enhanced across all our fulfillment campuses.

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