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How to Get Started Working with Red Stag

Geoff Whiting

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Delivering the perfect unboxing experience to every customer every time is never as easy as it seems for an eCommerce company. Whether you’re fulfilling orders yourself or relying on a fulfillment partner, there are far more steps, processes, and possibilities for errors than anyone imagines at first glance. It’s lessons like that that Red Stag’s founders learned the hard way.

But that’s exactly why we exist and strive to be a process-driven 3PL seeking to offer you order support so good your customers give you all the credit. We want working with Red Stag to be your secret weapon, the solution that makes you sigh with relief and say, “Ahhh, THIS is the kind of fulfillment I’ve been looking for.” 

To do that, we use a robust fulfillment network, leading technology, and some of the best warehouse professionals in the business. You want to automate order management, fill each order accurately, get them out the door on time, and delight your customers every time — and we want to help you make that happen. Here’s exactly what to expect if you want to get started working with Red Stag.

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The goal: A better 3PL experience 

If you’re thinking about reaching out right now, it’s probably because of one big thing: you want a better fulfillment experience, whether that means moving away from in-house efforts or you aren’t satisfied with your current 3PL. We get it, and we want to help you reach that goal. When we get the heavy lifting of eCommerce fulfillment right, you can get back to improving and enjoying your business

With Red Stag Fulfillment, that starts with filling out a quick form or giving us a call. After you get in touch, we’ll discuss your business and your needs. This is all about you. We’ll determine the best fulfillment options for you and progress down an established track designed to get you the right mix of services you need.

Our process takes a few weeks, but it’s designed to help you find a better fulfillment fit and help keep your customers happy. And most importantly, it’s designed to give you the most accurate, turn-key pricing and partnership agreement we can create specifically for your business.

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Working with Red Stag: Our proven process 

Working with Red Stag starts with a four-step process.  

  1. First, we connect, often by direct outreach, or you fill out a form on our website.  
  1. Then, a Red Stag expert reaches out to learn about your business and see if we’re a good fit or if we know someone who might serve you better.  
  1. If we think we can help, and if you want us to try, we’ll ask some deeper questions so we can create a unique proposal based on your business. 
  1. We review the proposal with clear pricing, transparent promises and guarantees, a detailed explanation of our services, and a timeline for onboarding. 

The first few steps happen quickly. We try to get back to everyone who reaches out within one business day, but often you’ll get a call and email back in under 30 minutes during standard business hours. Please keep an eye out for that email or a call from a Knoxville, TN, phone number.  

Step 3 is the most intensive and takes a little time. That’s a good thing, though, because getting accurate information from you helps us build an accurate, tailored proposal that limits surprises down the road. Reliable data means we know if a carrier will add a fee due to product size, for example, and our commitment to transparent pricing means we want you to know about all such fees as early in the process as possible. Then, our custom proposal is designed to help you understand our services and your costs, so you can start thinking about what you’ll save, thanks to our SLA and guarantees. 

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A note on custom proposals 

At Red Stag, we are really focused on partnering with our clients and building relationships that are win-win and solve our clients’ specific needs. This starts even before we officially sign on a client, as we tailor pricing that addresses specific pain points. Our clients’ businesses are not cookie-cutter, and we think that it is important to invest the time upfront to provide solutions that fit their needs.

So, proposals are tailored to every company’s specific products and order volume. That way, you’re charged for what applies to your SKUs — such as complete packaging versus stick & ship — and you avoid surprises down the road. We’ll do things like run SKUs through carrier calculators to catch additional fees they may charge due to the size or weight of your goods. 

Custom proposals often take about a week to do our due diligence and provide the most comprehensive pricing structure and plan. Getting this right relies on knowing your products, order volume, and other information, which leads to our next important point.

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We’ll be asking for deep data 

One of the key parts of working with Red Stag is sharing information. We’re big communicators and will share news about carriers, expansions, changes in broader supply chains, and ways you might be able to reduce costs or improve operations. That happens regularly after we get you set up with us. 

During the initial interactions, we will ask a lot of questions. These are specific about your products and operations to understand what you might need and build out a specific proposal (from the section above). Our requests will help give you accurate pricing, predict carrier requirements, and understand applicable fees or challenges. So, some of the elements we’ll request include: 

  • List of SKUs including product dimensions and weight 
  • Where you sell your goods 
  • Average parcels and orders with ZIP codes 
  • Projected monthly sales volume 
  • Carriers and services used 
  • Unique needs of products 

Many of these stats will come directly from your eCommerce sales platforms and marketplace partners. We can work with you to generate lists and details or explain the reasoning behind any specific requests. The more we know, the more accurate our proposals and suggestions can be. We know it takes you time to generate some of this information. Similarly, our analysis can take roughly five business days, but a business development rep will help you schedule a time to review the proposal so that you’re not stuck waiting in the dark.

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The timeline for working with Red Stag 

Red Stag’s streamlined fulfillment process is designed to get your products from port to customer porch quickly and reliably. After agreeing on a proposal, you’ll then get support connecting your storefronts and inventory tools. You ship inventory to us, and we store it securely in zero-shrinkage facilities. Then, customers start buying, and we start shipping from the best location. 

Our mission is to simplify fulfillment so that everything works correctly for you and your customers. That keeps them happy and allows you to focus on the parts of eCommerce you love best. Let’s face it, no one starts an online shop because they want to be the best pick-and-pack operation. So, let us handle this while you master the next big shopping trend. Get started by clicking the button below. We look forward to learning more about you.

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