How Red Stag Offers Rapid Fulfillment While Maintaining Accuracy

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Rapid fulfillment can be a significant threat to your profitability if speed comes at the cost of accuracy. As mistakes scale, so do their impact on revenue and profitability per order, plus declines in repeat customers. The reality is your shoppers won’t be happy when they get the wrong item, whether it arrives in two days or not. 

Red Stag Fulfillment believes that every eCommerce company deserves rapid fulfillment that doesn’t sacrifice order accuracy. So, we’ve built a fulfillment solution designed to scale as you grow, maintaining the highest levels of order and inventory accuracy. That may sound like a lofty promise, but here’s how we do it.

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Defining rapid fulfillment 

Rapid fulfillment is simply the ability to get orders out to your customers quickly, within two days in most cases. Red Stag can reach more than 95% of American homes within that timeframe, thanks to our two domestic fulfillment locations. What sets us apart, though, is our commitment to maintaining that speed and reach while ensuring that orders go out on time and accurately. Fulfillment needs to be a partner in keeping your business running at full steam, which is why we are proud to share our metrics for 2021: 

  • On-time shipments = 99.96529% 
  • Order accuracy = 99.99369% 
  • Inventory accuracy = 99.99149% 
  • Total accuracy = 99.947446% 

Those are the types of numbers we’re discussing when talking about accurate fulfillment at a rapid pace. That said, there’s room to improve here, too. We aggressively target those efficiency gains, and here’s our plan for 2022 and beyond to increase service reliability and support while getting orders out at blazing speeds. 

Basics as best practices 

To keep accuracy levels high without sacrificing speed, Red Stag emphasizes the basics of fulfillment. Training our teams on products, processes, and the equipment needed at each step is just the beginning. Well, actually, the real beginning is encouraging the right mindset and a robust stretching routine. From there, we track our team as they move throughout the warehouse, ensuring proper technique and looking for ways to optimize routes and strategies. Scanning each order multiple times throughout the pick and pack process, for example, verifies it against client order details to help us achieve that 99.99369% order accuracy. 

Warehouse work is labor-intensive and demanding — it’s literally heavy lifting for the products we serve. Team leads keep this smooth by discussing each day’s tasks with all pickers and packers, directing the hundreds of orders each warehouse will fill daily. All operations members receive regular training and updates to ensure we follow the latest best practices and turn them into routine operations. By treating the fundamental elements of warehouse operations as best practices, we ensure every order gets the proper attention and care. It’s one way we achieve rapid fulfillment at scale.

Red Stag Fulfillment Technology

Leading tools, tech, and partnerships 

We want our people and our partners to succeed. In the logistics space, this means adopting and supporting reliable technology and platforms. Internally, that’s a robust warehouse management system with inventory tools, reliable barcode scanners, well-maintained forklifts and pallet jacks, handcarts, packing stations, and terminals to check work and order statuses. Each warehouse is a hive of activity with multiple leaders to guide and verify operations based on order volumes, inbound shipments, and exceptional support our clients need. 

Integrated video monitoring systems enable us to pinpoint potential errors and constantly improve processes. Creating unique barcodes and labels for goods makes it easy to offer you transparency into inventory tracking. Every system has a purpose. 

For partners collaborating with Red Stag, reliable and rapid fulfillment requires integration with your order and inventory programs of choice. We have native Shopify support as well as deep API and custom integration capabilities for leading eCommerce platforms, shopping carts, CRMs, ERPs, and more. Our experts are always available to help with your unique integration needs. We’re happy to help you assess new implementations in a sandbox, adjust the go-live in the production WMS, and provide steady-state checkup support. In short, we have your back in every step of the process. 

fulfillment guarantees

Guarantees to keep us accountable 

Two things determine the value of a promise: 1) how likely it is to be kept, and 2) what happens when it isn’t kept. Red Stag’s approach to rapid fulfillment is that we make a promise to you for every single package. Our metrics show how likely we are to keep that promise, but our guarantees are put in place to keep us accountable to you every time. We specifically pair a guarantee with each core function of a fulfillment location, including inbound, storage, order processing, and fulfillment accuracy. And if we break a promise, each comes with its own fiscal penalty to us

When you rely on Red Stag, from day one, we guarantee that: 

  • We receive inventory that arrives in our location fully and accurately within two business days 
  • Your products remain safe and secure, with a zero-shrinkage allowance 
  • Our team processes every single order on time according to your SLA  
  • Every order sent to your customers will be accurately picked and packed 

You deserve more than the industry standards of high shrinkage allowances and a 2-3% mis-pick rate. That’s why we make you whole for every mistake — and that drive helped us reach a 0.006% error rate. In other words, for 2021, we averaged 1 mis-pick across roughly 16,000 orders. And for those mistakes, even at a rate far below the industry standard, we made our partners whole every time.

Asking for what you need 

That’s what reliable, rapid fulfillment means to us, but it’s essential we understand what reliable means to you. So, when you start to learn more about Red Stag Fulfillment or consider the onboarding process, we’ll have a candid conversation about our capabilities specific to your products. We’ll offer service levels that we can reliably perform and demonstrate how to meet your goals with speed, accuracy, and affordability. If your goods are better served somewhere else based on our capabilities — such as brands selling hundreds of lightweight SKUs — we’ll make introductions to providers who are a right fit. 

The Red Stag Fulfillment mission is to take the burden of order management off your shoulders. We aim to be such a reliable rapid fulfillment partner that you never have to worry about it. You get to focus on running and improving the other aspects of your business, confident that orders will reach customers accurately and on time. That’s how reliable fulfillment should be. If you agree or want to learn more, click the button below and tell us a little more about your company and your fulfillment needs. 

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