slow-moving inventory audit

How to Audit Slow-Moving Inventory

Slow-moving inventory can be a headache for any business. With items sitting on the shelves and low customer demand, you run the risk of losing warehouse space and wasting resources. By auditing your slow-moving inventory, you can really get a […]

3PL returns

9 Third-Party ECommerce Solutions to Consider

If it doesn’t feel like you’ve got enough time to run and grow your operations, your business may benefit from third-party eCommerce solutions. These services from outside companies are built to help you focus on developing and growing your business. […]

Business Integrations

Is Integration for BigCommerce Right for Your Store?

As eCommerce activity continues to surge, many businesses are looking for new ways to market to their customers, improve the overall shopping experience, and maintain a reliable order fulfillment process. How can your business do this? It’s simple — integration […]

The Herd at Red Stag

Small Business Resource Guide

Small business is one of the biggest drivers of economic growth in the U.S. The latest update from the Small Business Administration (SBA) still shows that 99.9% of U.S. businesses are small businesses. Those companies provide 47.1% of all private-sector […]

pack and ship business plan

Pack and Ship Store Business Plan Requirements

In recent years, the explosive growth of eCommerce has led to many new, supporting businesses in the logistics space. One type of operation helps sellers by storing, packing, and shipping sold goods, and such a pack and ship store business […]

unboxing experience

Marketing and Fulfillment Services Guide

When you think about eCommerce fulfillment, you probably consider inventory management, packaging, and delivery times. You might not consider fulfillment as part of your marketing strategy — but you should. Marketing and fulfillment services go together for eCommerce companies. Your […]

products ecommerce awaiting fulfillment processing

What Are Your Product ECommerce Options?

The number of products your business sells depends on you and little else, but it can be hard to make that product eCommerce choice. Do you want to focus on a single product or many? Are you selling mass-produced goods […]