Furniture Fulfillment Made Simple

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Seamless, accurate eCommerce fulfillment for home and office furnishings — no item too big.

The RSF Difference

Find relief for all your fulfillment woes:

You can count on us. Your orders ship on-time, every time. Guaranteed.

  • 100% Inventory Accuracy
  • 100% On-Time Fulfillment
  • 100% Order Accuracy
  • 100% U.S. Based Client Service
Home Furniture Delivered to Your Customers' Doorsteps

Home Furniture Delivered to Your Customers' Doorsteps

Red Stag Fulfillment leads the industry in fulfillment for oversized, heavy, bulky, and high-value consumer goods.

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We've heard it all from our furniture clients: broken inventory due to mishandling, mislabeled SKUs, inbound pallets misplaced, orders packed or shipped incorrectly. If you sell bulky, fragile, or high-value home furniture, you need the Red Stag Fulfillment difference.

RSF has been instrumental in helping several up-and-coming home furniture brands grow beyond expectations. Doesn't your brand deserve the same?

Furniture Warehousing with a Difference

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Red Stag Fulfillment warehouses are native environments for oversized shipping. We don't have to make adjustments to accommodate lamps, mattresses in a box, vanities, beds, office chairs, desks — any home or office furniture item. We ship furniture direct to consumer via the major carriers and freight home delivery. Our expert staff know how to store and ship home furnishings.

With cross-docking, we can quickly fill backorders, increasing customer satisfaction.

What Is Your National Fulfillment Strategy?

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Select one (or more) of our strategically placed warehouse locations to see our reach.

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Best Home Furniture Fulfillment

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Whether your products are fragile, heavy, or large (or all of the above), Red Stag Fulfillment will give your products the careful handling they need to store and ship safely. And we're always looking for ways to reduce DIM charges and save you money on oversized shipping.

Your heavy furniture shipping needs are no sweat at RSF.

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Benefits of RSF Bulky Furniture Fulfillment

Benefits of RSF Bulky Furniture Fulfillment

Furniture brands that switch to Red Stag Fulfillment experienced more on-time orders, up to 100% reduction in shrinkage, and improved inventory accuracy.

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RSF's highly-trained team of heavy product shipping experts knows how to move beds, chairs, bookcases, flat-pack furniture, and more. Your products are safe with us, from the receiving dock to the warehouse floor to outbound shipments to your customer's door.

  • Expertise In Heavy, Bulky Items
  • Accurate, Real-Time Data
  • Automated Order Fulfillment
  • Automated Returns
  • Increase Inventory Turn Rate
  • Zero Shrinkage Allowance
  • Higher Customer Satisfaction
  • Improved Demand Planning