How Does Red Stag Fulfillment Support ECommerce Integrations?

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Order and data interruptions can turn profitable sales into losses, so companies turn to eCommerce integrations to avoid breakdowns and errors. From a fulfillment perspective, software integrations can send us your order details as they happen. That allows Red Stag Fulfillment to start working on orders sooner and meet our on-time, accurate order guarantees.

ECommerce integrations allow data to flow freely between your systems and partners like us. So, Red Stag Fulfillment has created an eBook that looks at the different types of integrations we support, common platforms and tools, and the simple process to start integrating with us.

RSF has many eCommerce integrations to help your orders flow smoothly

What do eCommerce integrations include?

When we talk about eCommerce integrations, we include all the ways you connect your store with partners and customers. You may run a Shopify store that uses a shopping cart plugin and directly connects with Red Stag to send over order details as soon as a purchase completes. Or, you might use a platform like ShipStream that serves as a central hub connecting your store, order management or ERP, CRM, us, and other tools to share data.

“Many large and growing eCommerce companies use Shopify, and we already have that integration built,” says Red Stag Sales Manager Brady Evans. “If that’s you, just let us know, and it’s good to go.”

Integrations automate information sharing, allowing you to send and receive updates at the speed of your business. Sometimes, however, that requires different connection types or more collaboration between you, Red Stag, and any service developers. The free eBook below looks a little closer at the Big 4 Methods in greater detail.

“We already can connect with most cart systems. And, if your team or provider chooses to build out an API, we can typically work with that tech team to connect to a specific or custom service,” says Red Stag Business Development Representative Mike Haynes.

Red Stag Fulfillment is a third-party logistics provider offering multiple eCommerce integrations.

What should you do about eCommerce integrations?

Beyond filling out the form below to get your copy, you should let Red Stag and your other partners know about the tools you currently use and the ones you’re considering. That way, we can work together to build support that helps your business grow.

“We want to team with you to support what you’re doing from A to Z, and that definitely includes integrations,” says Red Stag Business Development Representative Ben Walls. “Our goal is to support the tools that you’re already using.”

Custom tools, inventory requirements, and other rules require setup and testing to ensure that dashboard inventory counts and order details are accurate. Tell us, and any other sales or fulfillment partner, about your needs as soon as possible to keep onboarding smooth and easy.


Red Stag's goal is to support the tools you're already using for your order fulfillment.

Grab your eCommerce integrations eBook copy

Download your own copy of our eCommerce integrations eBook to learn about the integration process and how you can unleash benefits, including:

  • Eliminating risk-prone manual data entry
  • Simplifying business management and the dashboards you use
  • Ensuring accurate inventory counts at any given moment
  • Enabling automatic notifications for your business and customers
  • Improving your reports and related forecasts
  • And much more


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