New York 3PL services: order fulfillment and logistics

Need a New York fulfillment center? Consider options outside the state to cut warehouse costs and reduce customer shipping times. With fulfillment centers in the right locations, you could improve your profitability. Discover how.   

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New York fulfillment center alternatives

New York fulfillment may not be the best option for your business. That’s because your total fulfillment costs, also known as landed costs, depend on factors like warehouse storage, services, and shipping distances. In New York and even New Jersey, those factors are expensive.

With locations away from pricier ports, inland logistics solutions offer lower costs for storage and services, including pick and pack. Even if New York fulfillment companies offer discounts, you could still probably save money further inland, especially compared to the metro-NYC area. 

Strategically located warehouses let you optimize shipping costs, too. Placing items closer to more customers limits risks of delays and damages across long distances. And by crossing fewer shipping zones, shipments may cost less, especially for large or heavy items. 

Most ecommerce companies move inventory to central U.S. regions eventually, anyway. Doing it earlier in the supply chain sidesteps the higher costs and risks of New York fulfillment. It’s a straightforward way to improve cash flow and increase profitability. 

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What customers say about
Red Stag fulfillment services

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Red Stag has been a part of our eCommerce story since we first sold online, and we’ve grown together.

The Original Oatly

Owner, CEO

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As a partner, I take them for granted now. That reliability – it’s one less thing to worry about.


Owner, CEO

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We don’t have to worry about anything with RSF. We can’t ship our big, heavy D2C packages without them!

Lori Beds

Founder, CEO

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New York fulfillment center services


Maintain high product availability and turnover with Red Stag’s “dock-to-stock” receiving in two days or less. With the right warehouse locations and our industry-leading guarantees, you’re likely to decrease storage costs.

Order fulfillment

Keep your customers happy with fast, accurate deliveries. Consolidated inventory in strategically located warehouses helps you streamline order fulfillment services across all channels.


Save money on shipping by storing products closer to customers. Shorter shipment distances mean lower rates and less risk of delays and damages. At scale, you could free up enough cash to reinvest in growth.

Kitting & assembly

Increase order values with subscription boxes, bundles, upsells, and other promotions. With the right inventory in the right locations, you can introduce new offers, gain new customers, and earn their loyalty.  

Inventory planning

Grow your profit margins with precise inventory planning. Our experts help you determine which items your customers really want so you can reduce carrying costs and maximize pricing. 

Amazon fulfillment

Increase revenue with support for Amazon’s Seller-fulfilled Prime program. Red Stag can help you meet customer expectations for speed and accuracy while staying compliant with the marketplace’s rules. 

Growing beyond New York fulfillment networks

The right fulfillment network can grow your business nationwide and into Canada and other countries. At Red Stag, we can help you coordinate inland transportation from factories and ports to our centrally located warehouses in Knoxville, TN and Salt Lake City, UT. 

From there, we handle receiving, order processing, picking and packing, and shipping, so you can reach 96% of U.S. homes within two days. 

Our client portal integrates with any ecommerce platform and provides real-time inventory, sales, and transportation data, giving you full oversight of your retail fulfillment.

Want more support? Our supply chain management experts have your back, sharing innovative logistics solutions to strengthen your business in New York and beyond.

With fulfillment handled by a 3PL, you can focus on other priorities, like identifying new markets, launching products, fine-tuning your website, and building your brand.

How Red Stag helped
Pop-A-Shot increase revenue by 40X








Increase in unit volume

Pop-A-Shot needed to revitalize its supply chain. The company had just come under new ownership, and CEO Tony Stucker saw an opportunity to redesign the classic arcade basketball game for an in-home consumer market. 

There was just one problem: Stucker lacked logistics experience. He wasn’t sure how to ship Pop-A-Shot’s big, heavy games without crushing his profit margins, especially knowing customers expect fast deliveries. With Red Stag, Pop-A-Shot was able to avoid oversized shipment surcharges. We worked with our carrier partner on accurate measurements and cost-effective rates for the long term.

When Pop-A-Shot’s peak season arrived, Red Stag helped the company scale its fulfillment, serving as an overflow partner for its Amazon sales. By providing efficient inventory management, Red Stag kept Pop-A-Shot’s supply chain moving, fulfilling up to a thousand orders per day.

“Red Stag Fulfillment has been exactly what I’d hoped for when I started,” Stucker says. “I never envisioned that we would have this much growth.”

FAQs about New York fulfillment services

Do I need a New York fulfillment center?

Maybe not. Many businesses discover that moving inventory away from coasts earlier in the order-to-cash cycle leads to lower costs and faster customer deliveries. This could be true even if you have offices or partners in New York City or Canada.

That’s why our ecommerce fulfillment centers are in Knoxville, TN, and Salt Lake City, UT. These central locations let you reach 96% of U.S. homes within two days. By comparison, New York fulfillment centers could take up to five days or longer to reach customers on the West Coast.

How many fulfillment centers do I need?

Ecommerce companies that sell in the U.S. and Canada can fulfill orders from a single warehouse and still meet customer expectations for fast deliveries—as long as the warehouse is in the right location. Some companies benefit from additional warehouses, but it’s easy to overdo it. If you invest in too many, you lose time and money moving products from one place to another. 

How can I save money on logistics solutions?

A simple way to save money is to move your logistics operations away from New York as early in the supply chain as possible. Most companies move products inland eventually, anyway. By doing it earlier, you can skip the costs and congestion of the tri-state area. 

Can Red Stag ship between New York and Canada?

Yes, we can almost certainly help. We are happy to provide international shipping to your customers in Canada as part of our ecommerce order fulfillment solutions. 

We also have the industry expertise to coordinate receiving from factories or ports in Canada and New York, helping you capture the opportunities of international markets while potentially reducing your inbound freight costs.  

How do Red Stag Fulfillment guarantees work?

Red Stag’s fulfillment services are backed by guarantees you’re unlikely to find elsewhere in the logistics industry.

We guarantee to ship 100% of your orders on time or we’ll cover the shipment cost and pay you $50 for the inconvenience.

We also guarantee 100% order accuracy. If we ship the wrong item or wrong number of items, we’ll fix the mistake, pay the shipment cost, and pay you $50. 

Why do we pay you $50? Because fulfillment mistakes hurt your business. As your partner, we believe we should be accountable to you for the headache. This keeps our incentives aligned, so you can feel confident we have the same goals. 

How do I get started with Red Stag Fulfillment?

Let’s start with a conversation. If it seems like we’re a good fit for each other, we can talk more to uncover the best ways Red Stag can help. 

During onboarding, our Client Success team works with new customers to load inventory data, integrate sales platforms, and configure your fulfillment dashboard. You can run test orders, explore tools and features, and make changes on the fly. Once we’re fulfilling your orders, we’ll check in with you regularly. You can also contact us anytime. 

Want to learn more? Fill out the form, and a team member will reach out. 

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