Any company can claim that they provide great service and amazing accuracy. It is quite another thing to guarantee it, then prove it and show it off for the whole world to see.

Surpass expectations

Your customers expect to receive what they ordered, and you should expect your fulfillment provider to do what you paid them to do. It may amaze you to learn that even though most 3PLs claim to have a 99% accuracy rate, according to independent studies, the industry average for accuracy is only 73%. Since we don’t want to be just another 3PL, we decided to share our accuracy on an ongoing basis. Now ask yourself, why don’t other 3PLs do the same if they truly are what they say they are? Your brand reputation is worth knowing the truth.

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Less problems, more profit

Good ideas are good. Good ideas that save our customers money are great. Here are a few case studies showing how we helped our clients put a few great ideas into action.

Shipping/Consolidation Savings

We worked with a potential client that was unhappy with their current fulfillment provider and they wanted to see what RSF could do, outside of just providing better service. We analyzed the process their current provider was using and noticed there was considerable cost savings to be had through a combination of standardized package consolidation and shipping discounts. We were able to show the client how we could provide them better services that we guaranteed, and save them 24% off their current shipping charges.

Inventory Shrinkage Savings

One of our clients left their previous fulfillment provider for numerous reasons, two of which were poor on-time performance and excessive inventory loss/shrinkage. When they analyzed the inventory loss/shrinkage numbers of the last 8 months with their previous provider compared to the last 8 months with RSF, they realized a 93.6% decrease in monthly inventory loss since partnering with Red Stag Fulfillment.

What our customers' customers say

Our clients are happy when their customers are happy. Take a look at some of the customer reviews that were received by our clients concerning the packages RSF fulfilled.

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