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Red Stag Fulfillment Is Proud to Support Oatly’s Continued Growth

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Nothing is better than celebrating the wins of our clients and partners, especially growing global brands like Oatly. We’re proud to announce that Red Stag Fulfillment will now expand its relationship further with Oatly, and we look forward to helping them continue their expansion efforts.

Oatly is the world’s original and largest oat drink company. For 25 years, it has focused on creating exceptional products while promoting a healthier, happier planet. From the company’s classic oatmilk and soft serve to the Je Ne Sais Quoi grants it provides, Oatly is a brand that lives its vision. It’s been a big year for the oat drink brand, which deserves recognition for its hard work at this challenging time.

Oatly and Red Stag Fulfillment partner to provide oatmilk to the entire U.S.

A category-creating brand

Oatly made significant strides this year, and its IPO (initial public offering) is one of its most impressive moves. The Swedish vegan oatmilk made its public market debut on the Nasdaq in May 2021, trading under the stock ticker “OTLY.”

The company is well-positioned to target the growing demand for plant-based foods and alternatives, primarily driven by Gen Z and Millennial consumers. These markets are growing in their taste for products like Oatly’s as their total consumer shopping increases too. This positions our partner at a crucial junction of demand, purchase power, and consumer habits that have lasted through the COVID-19 pandemic.

The company’s core products also meet increasing U.S. preferences for environmentally friendly food products. The food we eat has a major impact on our health and on the planet. Today, food and drink account for one-fourth of the global greenhouse gas emissions, of which animal-based products account for more than half (approx. 60%). By increasing our intake of plant-based food, we can reduce the climate impact of food and at the same time increase our intake of essential nutrients such as fibers and unsaturated fats.

Red Stag supports growing demand

Part of Oatly’s growth plan is consolidating and enhancing its U.S. logistics and supply chain operations. To support these efforts, Oatly has selected Red Stag Fulfillment as a 3PL provider as they continue to grow operations and distribution. We’re thankful for that trust and ready to play a role in bringing its oat drink products to thirsty consumers across America.

With a planned third U.S. manufacturing location selected and opening planned for 2023, domestic logistics will be a significant part of the brand’s future success. Red Stag Fulfillment looks forward to being a partner in ensuring a reliable supply chain as well as maintaining high standards for delivery, fulfillment, product protection, and cost controls.

“There are many warehouses and fulfillment centers to choose from, and we have valued Red Stag’s partnership, technology, and focus on customer service,” says Mike Messersmith, President of Oatly North America. “Red Stag has been a part of Oatly’s eCommerce journey since we sold our first carton of oatmilk through the Internet, and we have grown together in that journey.  Particularly over the past year, through the global pandemic, everyone at Oatly has appreciated Red Stag’s ability to scale with our business and help keep the oatmilk flowing into customers’ hands who order from us online.”

From an expanding roster of carrier options and multiple distribution locations to our guarantees around accurate inventory, orders, and fulfillment, our mission has been to support Oatly’s growth and offer stability in even the most uncertain environments.

“I want to congratulate Oatly on all of its accomplishments since we began working together in 2017 and especially for the explosive growth they’ve seen in 2020 and 2021,” says Tony Runyan, Vice President of Client Relations at Red Stag Fulfillment. “Red Stag aims to be the competitive advantage our partners have in their U.S. fulfillment, and we’re ready to over-deliver on that as a significant 3PL partner for Oatly. Their products are made with care, and now customers and retailers can be sure that they’re packaged and shipped with care too.”

grow and scale your business


Advanced capabilities provided by Red Stag Fulfillment

Red Stag offers nationwide fulfillment capabilities through two high-quality locations. We help leading eCommerce, CPG, and household brands reach every American quickly. As your 3PL partner, Red Stag makes it easy to scale with fast-paced consumer demand through best-in-class offers, including:

  • Inventory and order accuracy guarantees
  • Zero-shrinkage guarantee
  • Flexible kitting such as breaking down inbound freight into sellable packs of 6 units
  • Support for FBA prep and other marketplace capabilities
  • High-quality customer service and dedicated support teams

A successful future roadmap

As Oatly noted in its SEC filing: “Our products have earned multiple acclaims from our eCommerce partners. In 2019, we received the ‘Most Innovative Brand’ award and ‘Annual Exemplary Brand Award’ from Tmall.com, and we are Alibaba’s chosen e-commerce partner for the plant-based category. We believe there is a significant opportunity to grow our e-commerce channel as we scale.”

Red Stag Fulfillment hopes to be a part of Oatly’s continued success in eCommerce and U.S. growth through reliable fulfillment. The eCommerce space has significant opportunities for plant-based brands and many consumers hungry for the dozens of product lines available. There’s no telling how big it can become in the U.S., and we look forward to helping Oatly delight customers and build long-lasting relationships thanks to on-time, accurate orders, and the optimization of its U.S. inventory.

We’re ready to ship that next U.S. order and look forward to doing so for many years to come.

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