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Business Operations of ECommerce: Fulfillment’s Support

Geoff Whiting

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Few people are as crucial to eCommerce success as operations managers and leads. You and others with similar roles manage many, if not all, of the critical business operations of eCommerce. Growth and scale rest on your shoulders. That can be a heavy burden, but it’s something that the right partners can help lift. 

The risk that most operational positions face is that they’re forced to spend the majority of their time putting out fires. Your success is measured by growth, but most responsibilities pull you away from that focus. Fulfillment is a common culprit of dividing your attention because it is filled with hidden complications. 

Instead of struggling with inaccurate fulfillment or partners that can’t execute, it’s time to outsource to a provider that understands your risks and works to address them proactively. Fulfillment doesn’t have to be frustrating. Instead, it can be a part of operations that contributes to company growth and your success. Let’s look at what this means.

Problem board at a Red Stag Fulfillment addressing the business operations of eCommerce

How do we support the business operations of eCommerce? 

Outsourcing fulfillment as part of managing the business operations of eCommerce is a way to almost immediately lighten your load. In many cases, order fulfillment is the final leg of your journey, and there are many priorities before it. Or for operational leads who are scaling rapidly, thanks to the eCommerce boom, you may have more orders than you can accommodate because of time and space.  

The goal of a partnership here is to hand off a business function to experts. You no longer need to train and manage teams, optimize labor for shifting demand and inventory cycles, or keep up with maintenance and safety checks in facilities. For operations managers, this typically means less time spent on order management and more focus on creating partnerships and improving relationships, leading to lower manufacturing costs or more reliable services. 

The first mile is getting ever more complex. Outsourcing order fulfillment means the last mile is handled for you, but it’s driven by the metrics that matter most to you and your customers. That’s on-time, fast, and accurate shipments.

How do operations align with fulfillment? 

worldwide fulfillment

ECommerce operations managers are a company’s best support option for improving and protecting its supply chain. You’re working on the planning and efficacy of daily activities, optimizing efforts, and supervising each plan and partner as they start to execute on the strategy you set. Fulfillment is a part of this work, sitting on one end of the complex supply chain you manage. 

To us, operations managers and leads like you are the master clockmakers who must prepare every gear in the supply chain required to ensure that operations keep moving smoothly and reliably. Every tick must be accurate and consistent. And Red Stag wants to be a partner that just makes this a little easier. 

While you’re overseeing the inbound and outbound business operations of eCommerce, Red Stag can provide you with a plan to keep order fulfillment running smoothly. We manage the warehouse locations, labor, storage space, and last-mile support to take that weight off your shoulders. That way, you can focus on the elements of your supply chain that need the most interaction and support. 

Common eCommerce operational areas of control 

Operations teams have a significant number of departments and focus areas, all of which require significant focus. It’s easy for tasks to stretch people too thin when managing it all internally. Many days, there just aren’t enough hours to get it all done. You may need help with the business operations of eCommerce.

That’s why we work to tackle fulfillment and be a core part of your support team and capabilities as you look to manage: 

  • Overall supply chain management 
  • Securing manufacturing and maintaining relationships 
  • Last-mile delivery support and tracking 
  • Customer service management  
containers at port slowed down, representing impact on the business operations of eCommerce

What are your existing logjams? 

The value of outsourcing work, especially fulfillment, comes from its ability to tackle existing problems you face. These may be immediate problems you work to solve each day or a looming threat on the horizon. Issues range from managing labor and providing data for customer support teams to figuring out where you’ll store even more inventory if 2022 is another year of double-digit growth. 

Sales and marketing push the growth and expansion. And when they do your department must support it and develop the capabilities so you can realize that growth. As you build out plans, we recommend that you note existing and potential logjams that you can alleviate directly or by moving away from in-house capabilities that stretch your time too thin. 

Operations managers we speak with face both common and unique challenges. If you are self-fulfilling, you may be struggling to find workers for growing fulfillment needs or have limited options for expanding your warehouse as order volumes scale. Many are tasked with controlling expenses even as labor, warehouse rent, and equipment fees climb year after year.  

You may also have challenges specific to your company or region. These can include changing consumer demands and shifting company structure or even your most profitable markets moving across the continent. Your overseas manufacturers may be experiencing a slowdown because of a new outbreak. Or containers for your goods limited and you’re paying thousands of dollars more for each — which demands 100% order accuracy to protect any revenue these expensive items can generate. 

Can fulfillment outsourcing help you tackle these challenges? 

The core question for addressing the business operations of eCommerce is what can help you. Where are you struggling and unable to expend enough time or gain enough expertise?  

Red Stag Fulfillment works with operations managers and leads to address fulfillment gaps directly because we understand the pain of poor fulfillment. We were founded as a direct response to one eCommerce business not being able to find the reliable, accurate, and timely fulfillment solution it needed. Those demands translate directly into our fulfillment guarantees, where we offer you the service we demand and have clear policies to make you whole if we’re not at 100%. 

We reach a customize agreement with each partner, walk them through onboarding and integration, and simplify the transition to outsourced fulfillment and satisfied customers. Instead of trying to do more in less time or relying on the wrong partner, you’re given the chance to refocus, and rest assured that all customers receive a positive experience. 

Every operation should contribute to business growth. When one element fails, all the gears grind to a halt. It can ruin the entire watch. Fulfillment should never create that risk. 

What would you rather be doing? 

It can be easy to get caught up in the business operations of eCommerce. There are a million checklists and tasks to run through each day. Some you enjoy and others you likely hate. Why not outsource pain points and bottlenecks to experts who know how to address and preempt these issues? 

By outsourcing to Red Stag Fulfillment, you can spend more time on operations you enjoy and where you excel. It’s about freeing you up to improve operations and support long-term planning instead of constantly running around putting out fires. With predictable pricing and simplified scaling as you change,, Red Stag helps operations leaders invest their time and focus their business needs for the highest growth. 

Our founders experienced how dangerous poor fulfillment can be. We don’t think any other company needs to feel that pain. Join us to protect your business and get back to the operations you’d rather be doing. 

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