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ECommerce Shipping: 5 Questions to Focus Your Operations

Your eCommerce shipping and expertise can make or break your business. The logistics knowledge needed to manage inventory, plan a warehouse, and fulfill orders directly impacts your most significant investments and needed revenue streams. When failures persist, a poor eCommerce […]

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What Are Logistics Services?

Logistics services are a step beyond third-party logistics (3PL). They are considered 4PL or 7PL, which combines 4PL with 3PL eCommerce fulfillment. Logistics are an essential part of your supply chain management. Fourth-party logistics can move the needle on your […]

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The Impact of Product Size and Weight on EFulfillment Partnerships

Are you paying more than you need for eFulfillment services because your partner isn’t optimizing for your products’ size and weight?  When most eCommerce companies start evaluating eFulfillment outsourcing options, they often focus on the provider’s track record, tech, service options, and costs. Sometimes they’ll consider […]

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12 Best Practices to Streamline ECommerce Fulfillment

Streamlining eCommerce order fulfillment can be a complicated process, but getting it right helps companies improve margins and customer satisfaction while reducing costs. It can be a valuable part of your growth strategy by making it easier to offer reliable, […]

The Genesis of Red Stag Fulfillment: ECommerce 3PL

A successful eCommerce company depends on a high-quality fulfillment operation or partner. Without that, you’re constantly at risk of losing inventory, making mistakes, and hurting customer relationships. Our founders, unfortunately, learned that the hard way when they started an eCommerce […]

Amazon Seller Prime Fulfillment: 2021 Update

Editor’s note: We’ve updated this article with the latest information for 2021. Since originally published, Amazon has introduced and updated new requirements, plus shifted service signups to an ongoing waitlist. For detailed questions about your business and to get a direct comparison for services currently available, such […]

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How to Get Started When You’re Outsourcing Fulfillment

Accurate, fast eCommerce fulfillment is an essential asset for online business owners. It’s vital to pick the best fulfillment option for your company. Sometimes, that will mean outsourcing fulfillment because you’ve grown too large to ship orders yourself. In other […]