marketing and fulfillment services

Promotional Fulfillment: What It Is and Where to Find it

Promotional fulfillment can be part of the eCommerce fulfillment process or a separate fulfillment service. Your eCommerce business might benefit from one or more promotional fulfillment services. What is promotional fulfillment? Promotional fulfillment is shipping samples, giveaways, prizes, marketing materials, […]

slow-moving inventory audit

How to Audit Slow-Moving Inventory

Slow-moving inventory can be a headache for any business. With items sitting on the shelves and low customer demand, you run the risk of losing warehouse space and wasting resources. By auditing your slow-moving inventory, you can really get a […]

Inventory planning

Create Your Inventory Management Plan

Inventory management holds unique challenges for eCommerce companies. In many cases, your products go straight from factory to eCommerce fulfillment warehouse to the customer. However, with a well-crafted inventory management plan, you can improve your operations and increase your profits. […]

Where Should I Keep My eCommerce Inventory?

Many online businesses start by keeping their eCommerce inventory at their primary location or in a warehouse nearby. However, as their businesses grow, it is soon time to outsource eCommerce fulfillment to a third-party logistics company.  When you’re choosing a […]

california fulfillment container ships

The Truth About California Fulfillment Costs and Needs

California fulfillment locations are often hyped as premium locations because they’re near major ports, but most marketing downplays their high costs. Knowing if they’re right for you can be a tricky proposition. That’s especially true if you don’t look at […]


Kitting for Fun and Profit: Grow Sales, Cut Costs

Kitting is a terrific way to boost sales in your eCommerce business. Selling and shipping in sets can reduce your packing and shipping costs and kits can increase revenue and customer satisfaction. Also, kitting can streamline your eCommerce fulfillment and […]


Is FBA National Fulfillment Right for You?

Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) is an easy choice for many Amazon sellers. You pay one bill for all the marketplace services related to selling on Amazon. You can offer Prime shipping, and your listings are more likely to win the […]

What ECommerce Companies Need to Know About Custom Packaging

Custom packaging is where eCommerce fulfillment meets marketing. Creative and fun packaging, tape, or even infill expresses your brand persona that your online customers will appreciate every time they receive an order. Your packaging can display your brand’s flair for […]

same-day shipping service

Is a Same-Day Shipping Service a Smart ECommerce Offer?

The eCommerce world is moving faster than ever before, and many service providers are pressuring shops like yours to offer a same-day shipping service to customers. Unfortunately for eCommerce, that’s often not only unaffordable but unworkable for the vast majority […]

mail-order fulfillment

Finding the Best Mail-Order Fulfillment Services

Mail-order fulfillment was around for a long time before online shopping or even the internet. Catalog companies used mail order fulfillment warehouses to process their orders.  Today, eCommerce fulfillment has changed an industry that started out serving mail-order companies. There […]


Comparing ECommerce Return Policies

Savvy online retailers know that a smooth return process is a major factor in customer retention. In fact, consumer-friendly return policies can even increase your sales by reassuring your customers that they can send back items they don’t like. Yet, […]