Los Angeles Fulfillment Services


With this new proposed facility in California, we would have a planned presence in four states across the U.S., allowing us to reach 96% of your customers within two days.

We’re hopeful that with direct access to the busiest port in the United States plus miles of roads and rails, your business would get direct access to a growing number of customers and transport options all designed to reduce your costs.

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Los Angeles, CA
West Coast Fulfillment Center Planning for June 2021
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Local Presence and National Reach

Red Stag Fulfillment's potential Los Angeles fulfillment location would be customized and purpose-built to help companies drastically reduce the cost of shipping orders to customers across the United States. We’re hopeful that this planned expansion would allow our customers to have direct access to leading markets, distribution centers, and millions of customers ready to buy right from you. Plus, you would get exceptional reach as well as access to our shipping rate discounts with a same-day fulfillment guarantee.

By offering multiple locations for your fulfillment, Red Stag Fulfillment’s goal is to make operations more manageable, add resilience to your supply chain, and help you delight customers regularly.

Grow Your Business with Import and Inbound Support

The Port of Los Angeles and neighboring Port of Long Beach handle more containers per ship than any other port complex in the world, and L.A. represents the busiest container port in the Western Hemisphere. If you're moving goods to or from the U.S., these ports make it easy and affordable to reach customers here and abroad. That’s exactly why Red Stag Fulfillment is exploring an expansion to this area.

Once your containers arrive, the area offers direct access to multiple railways and direct intermodal access to 14 major U.S. freight hubs — which makes it a seemingly ideal location to establish your West Coast base of operations. As a result, Red Stag Fulfillment is exploring options to make it easier to distribute your inventory across crucial locations in Los Angeles plus the Central and Eastern U.S. so that you're never far from a customer's door.

If you're considering expanding to new markets, learn more about Red Stag Fulfillment and why we’re considering Los Angeles as a new gateway for export/import shipments with China, Hong Kong, Japan, Vietnam, and Taiwan.
Leading manufacturers and customers

Leading Manufacturers and Customers

This California region is home to the largest manufacturing hub in the United States, creating a significant amount of local goods and 80% of the world's aerospace fasteners. Your manufacturing partners and potential customers likely have a presence in the region, and we’re hopeful that our planned fulfillment location would make it easier to restock your inventory faster as your sales climb.

Quick access to ports, rails, interstates, and airlines make inbound and outbound fulfillment easy and affordable. The Inland Empire offers access to millions of American shoppers plus direct routes to major distribution hubs in Canada and Mexico.

Learn more about Red Stag Fulfillment’s ability to help you meet partners and customers and our planned Los Angeles strategy to reach 96% of customers within two days.

The Red Stag Fulfillment Accuracy Promise

California would be a land of new opportunity for Red Stag Fulfillment, but our same standards and guarantees apply at this and all our new locations. As part of the eCommerce fulfillment strategy we offer, you get a guarantee that we treat your customers as if they were our own.

With state-of-the-art warehousing and distribution services designed to minimize the potential for mistakes, Red Stag Fulfillment currently has an order mis-pack rate of just 0.02%. The industry average is 2%, which climbs even higher in busy regions like Los Angeles.

We triple-check each order before it goes out the dock door. Plus, we back every shipment by our accuracy guarantee. If we ship an incorrect order, we don't just fix our mistake. We pay you $50 for the trouble. No other 3PL fulfillment service can say that.

And that's just the start of our guarantees to treat you and your business right.
Partner you need

The Accurate, On-Time Partner You Need

Red Stag Fulfillment was founded by entrepreneurs who were frustrated with existing warehousing and distribution services. The inefficiencies and outdated tech they faced slowed the growth of their eCommerce company. They decided to create a better order fulfillment warehouse, one that would help businesses like yours accelerate growth instead of getting in the way.

We’re hopeful that our planned expansion into Los Angeles would make error-free fulfillment easier and allows us to keep your customers even happier. Plus, it would open more doors to expand your network and lower costs.

We are here so that eCommerce brands can reap the benefits of our hard-won expertise. We'll be there in your crunch times, working with you to keep your customers satisfied, one package at a time. By choosing Red Stag Fulfillment, you gain more than a company warehouse. We want to be the best warehouse services company you have ever worked with, and we want to be the last you'll ever need.
Fill out our fulfillment questionnaire to find out if Red Stag Fulfillment is the best fulfillment company for you. If you need help finding the right fulfillment company for 3PL and warehouse services, give us a call. We're happy to make a recommendation — even if it isn't us.