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What’s Your Nationwide Fulfillment Solution?

Geoff Whiting

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Every eCommerce company needs a robust nationwide fulfillment solution because customers don’t care where you or your warehouses are based. They want fast, reliable shipping to their home and won’t give your location a second thought as they add things to their cart, checkout, and start looking for that delivery. Don’t make them wait.

Implementing a national solution with a partner like Red Stag Fulfillment can help you deliver those orders quickly while reducing fulfillment expenses. Now, let’s look at how that’s achieved and what it can mean for your business.

Strategic locations: Being smart about nationwide fulfillment

Red Stag’s nationwide fulfillment plan hinges on having strategic locations for our customers. With two large warehouse parks in Salt Lake City and Knoxville, your products can reach 99.602% of addresses in the continental U.S. in two days or less.

nationwide fulfillment locations

Offering two locations enables us to position your goods closer to customers. That means carriers deliver order faster and prices stay low, because you’re shipping through fewer zones. Plus, bringing your goods into these regions helps you avoid more expensive warehouse costs located on the coasts.

You get access to national and regional carriers and multiple shipping options to satisfy hungry customers. Even better, our strategic locations mean we can support a nationwide fulfillment solution based on your service level need, whether that’s Next Business Day or a 3:00 pm or 5:00 pm cutoff. Your orders ship on time, every time.

Learn more about our national fulfillment services here

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Supporting sales on every channel

Your customers don’t live in the same locations and don’t shop at the same places either. Many eCommerce businesses sell across multiple marketplaces, their own websites, and even directly within social media like Instagram and Facebook. With today’s technology, you can make the sales pitch to customers on their phones, tablets, and PCs across nearly any site.

That’s an excellent capability, and we work hard to support all of it. With our integration capabilities and support, we can be a true partner in helping you develop an omnichannel experience. You’ll reach more shoppers and connect orders to deliver them right to Red Stag Fulfillment’s easy-to-use dashboard — built to integrate with all major online sales platforms.

From there, we process your orders quickly and seamlessly. Each order follows your instructions for shipping speed and cost preferences, selecting the right carrier product based on established rules. Our nationwide fulfillment service sends the order to the closest location to help control your costs too. We’ll help you fulfill every order and provide the space you need to scale and grow.

Kitting station

One plan for kits and customizations

Red Stag’s packaging experts know that every box, filler, and other materials impact your fulfillment costs. So, we work with every company to determine proper packaging that streamlines your nationwide fulfillment. Our goal is to protect every SKU in every order, including looking for ways to increase protection without increasing costs, such as when a package is shipped based on DIM weight.

We offer custom packaging equipment to analyze each product and order and then calculate the optimal box to ship it safely. Those capabilities are available at all locations to ensure your nationwide fulfillment is secure and reliable.

For companies that need kitting support, our same strategic approach applies. We’ll work with you to create the correct kits, package them properly, and get them to customers quickly. Whether you need simple adding tags and labels, custom lettering, or even assembly before shipping, our experts are available.

Kitting actions we’ve performed for customers include:

  • Create a kit with a new SKU for volume sales
  • Paint custom numbers and letters on mailboxes
  • Add package inserts
  • Place custom labels on products
  • Assemble engine parts
  • Reduce expenses by shipping kitted products

Red Stag Fulfillment also offers un-kitting solutions, returning items to their original SKUs. That helps you optimize inventory use to meet current demand. Plus, everything is tracked and verified in our inventory systems, giving you a complete and accurate picture when you need it.

nationwide Fulfillment coverage

Returns as part of nationwide fulfillment

Every eCommerce business is facing an increase in returns. Let us help you and your customers by processing returns at every location. Our expert teams can handle returns quickly, helping you reclaim inventory and offer refunds fast. We evaluate every return closely, based on your specifications, and place items back on the shelf and in inventory management tools if they’re not damaged.

Your products spend minimal time off the shelf.

When it comes to complex products and returns, Red Stag also supports intricate returns management and SKU utilization. Say that someone partially assembles your product before returning it, meaning you can’t resell the item. Our experts can review the entire contents and select unused portions that you can set aside for parts, replacements, and other uses.

A return doesn’t have to mean the end of the road (and a loss) for your product. And so, we’ll work together and find ways to make the most out of every SKU.

Learn more about inventory management options

Guarantees from sea to shining sea

The most essential quality of a nationwide fulfillment solution is reliability. Now, any 3PL can promise that to you all day long. At Red Stag Fulfillment, we back it up with specific guarantees designed to protect and grow your business. Here are four that help our partners sleep better at night.

Receiving speed

When your shipment is unloaded in our facility, we’ll receive it accurately within two business days, empowering you to sell faster and fill orders quickly. In the rare event that we’re late, we’ll pay you $50 for the inconvenience.

Inventory accuracy

Your business must know what’s in stock and available at any given moment. That knowledge is your lifeblood, and mistakes can harm you quickly. So, we keep your inventory counts accurate and your goods protected. Meaning, there’s no shrinkage or damage allowed.

Our guarantee is your product’s availability. So, if any inventory is damaged or missing after we receive it into our facility, we will pay you the wholesale cost of that item.

Order processing

Your customers often pay for fast shipping, and you want to deliver that reliably. Our mission is to help by eliminating any percentage of orders that were not shipping on time. Our promise is this: 100% of your orders will be shipped according to your chosen service level, such as Next Business Day, 3:00 pm,  or 5:00 pm cutoff.

If we miss the mark, you don’t pay for that shipment, and we’ll pay you $50 for the inconvenience.

Order accuracy

Red Stag Fulfillment consistently maintains a 99.997% order accuracy, even during the height COVID-19, and we want to get that even higher. To us, the industry average of a 2% mis-pick rate is unacceptable. It should be zero, and when it’s not, we’ll make it right.

That means we fix the mistake for any order shipped incorrectly — such as wrong items or incorrect quantities — and you don’t pay for the shipment. Plus, we’ll pay you $50 for the inconvenience.

Reliable nationwide fulfillment is here for you

We take nationwide fulfillment seriously, especially for our eCommerce partners. Red Stag was created by entrepreneurs who know the challenges that businesses like yours face. So, we work hard to reduce and remove roadblocks to your success. We want to be the fulfillment partner you deserve.

Give us the chance to prove it with a no-obligation, risk-free trial for 30 days.

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