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Nationwide 3PL and Fulfillment Services

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Red Stag Fulfillment offers nationwide third-party logistics services designed to help your business reach customers quickly and affordably. With strategic locations, we make it easy to have a reliable distribution for eCommerce products.

Your customers are happier with faster deliveries. You’re happier with more significant cost savings and simpler management. We get order fulfillment right, and you get the credit from each customer, which is precisely how it should be.

Now, let’s look a little closer at how our current warehouses in Salt Lake City, UT, and Knoxville, TN, can make your process more efficient right away.

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Why pick nationwide third-party logistics services?

ECommerce stores need a nationwide 3PL company partner to fulfill orders that come from every state. It’s that simple. Being limited to a local approach can mean that you’re not choosing the best options to keep fulfillment costs low. Or, you could be stuck with options that move goods so slowly that returns are almost ensured.

Choosing a nationwide approach demonstrates that you value every person and sale. Our two current warehouse locations and planned expansion make that even more effortless by giving you multiple fulfillment points. That way, you’re ready for any disruption, thanks to thoughtful inventory planning and leading service guarantees.

ECommerce entrepreneurs founded Red Stag Fulfillment to serve eCommerce businesses. We know that you need an exceptional nationwide third-party logistics and fulfillment to be able to grow. Let us check that box for you so that you can forget about your fulfillment operations and focus on what you do best.

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Are you ignoring freight considerations?

It can be challenging to put freight transportation services in the right light when thinking about 3PL services. Many eCommerce companies want a warehouse location as close to their port or point of entry as possible. This feels simple and effective, but it might push costs up without offering a benefit to your customers.

Sometimes, the rent on your warehouse space alone makes a location less viable. For example, Los Angeles and San Diego have become so expensive that they’re pushing out many eCommerce companies. Instead of paying through the roof, look at markets in Utah and Nevada. These nearby options won’t harm a customer’s experience but will help you control those truckload costs. Moving goods a little further doesn’t necessarily delay your last-mile fulfillment, especially if your distribution network is managed effectively.

Our coverage with national and regional carrier support

Red Stag Fulfillment, for example, offers a Salt Lake City location to serve West Coast customers. That part of our national fulfillment plan still lets you reach 96% of Americans within two days. Goods are moved further inland than some pricey warehouse locations, especially those in California, but the cost savings on physical space means you can afford to bring in more freight and serve more customers quickly and affordably.

Nationwide transportation services, especially for inbound freight, should prioritize your ability to reach every customer in major U.S. markets. Solutions that target a small region may provide an excellent short-term service but can quickly harm your business as consumer habits, tastes, and locations change.

Don’t settle for a company or partner whose service focuses on a small portion of the country. That’s not the right solution for eCommerce companies trying to build reliable, nationwide third-party logistics networks.

Is nationwide transportation necessary?

Nationwide 3PL services are the backbone for a reliable eCommerce supply chain that keeps customers happy. Your 3PL needs a national fulfillment focus because they must adapt to customer locations as soon as a change happens. No 3PL should lag clients or business needs, especially not if you want to be an industry leader.

If you’re wondering about the delivery and transport needs of your business, here are two questions that can put nationwide needs in perspective for most:

  1. How much did your business change from 2019 to 2020, and then again so far in 2021?
  2. Could you adapt and scale if the same type of disruption happened in 2022?

Think about how much your customers changed in that short time. Consider the carrier and capacity issues you faced with any one location. Remember how much of 2020 was just management of each day, where it was hard to gain ground on a long-term fulfillment strategy. Technology, for many, was one part of gaining a solid footing. The rest of the work depended on a nationwide third-party logistics partner that could reach new customers as soon as they arrived.

If your customers are among the millions changing jobs or moving back to hometowns and places with lower costs of living, are you ready? Do you have a team or partner that can handle this nationwide scattering with the efficiency and speed that today’s eCommerce shoppers require?

Just because they’re changing doesn’t mean online shipping demands will. Red Stag’s solutions make it possible for you to respond and scale at speed, so your customer service and delivery remain a positive part of shopping at your digital store.

Red Stag Fulfillment center

A quick note on carriers

Red Stag Fulfillment knows that you likely faced some disruption due to carrier capacity crunches in 2020. This was especially common toward Q4, when year-end demand grew at an unprecedented rate. Everyone had a more challenging time helping their customers, and it took consistent relationship management for us to meet service-level agreements and stick to our industry-leading guarantees.

To help protect clients during the upcoming holiday season, we’re expanding our list of regional carriers. These partners make our nationwide network stronger by offering multiple delivery options and often price-competitive services for different regions. That’s the core promise of flexible carrier selection to improve your order fulfillment. They’re one of the solutions you should consider as you make your Q4 sales and service plans. Regional carriers are becoming a reliable part of many supply chain offerings, especially for eCommerce sales.

Adding regional carriers to your options takes just a few minutes with Red Stag Fulfillment. Ask us how.

Why should your 3PL have a national fulfillment focus?

At Red Stag Fulfillment, we think eCommerce services should get special attention. You need a mix of local, regional, and national capabilities to ensure that operations are efficient and your store remains profitable. That’s why we value a nationwide approach designed to reach more than 99% of the continental U.S. in two days or less.

Offering nationwide third-party logistics services also helps us think about what businesses need for any customer. It’s how every 3PL should approach the logistics needs and systems of your operations.

For us, that means:

  • Reliable guarantees for inventory and order accuracy
  • A zero-shrinkage allowance
  • Integration support for leading eCommerce solutions and tools
  • Multiple nationwide backups to ensure system and business continuity
  • In-house management for kitting, backorders, and other special operations
  • And no seasonal limitations or restrictions

Don’t choose a 3PL that stifles your business or restricts your systems. Choose a partner that knows nationwide logistics needs and can deliver the transport and fulfillment value you need.

Red Stag Fulfillment is committed to helping you get ready ahead of your rush so that you can become a household U.S. name.

What’s the best way to start?

The easiest way to get started and prep your business for a healthy Q4 is to contact us. Red Stag Fulfillment experts can help you determine the right solution for your business, whether that’s our services or if another 3PL may best support your specific products. We’ll explain our distribution network, the technology we support, and how we’re built for eCommerce clients.

If you’re not sure, that contact will also explain how you can test us out for 30 days. We can fulfill a single channel or other configurations, like nationwide servicing, while you still deliver local orders yourself. Or we can help you process truckload moves and test faster fulfillment options or different pricing thanks to our carrier discounts.

Find the fit that your company needs and keep clients satisfied with Red Stag Fulfillment as the logistics provider that adapts to your needs. It all starts risk-free, with a click and a conversation.


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