Fulfillment, Shipping, and Warehousing for ChannelAdvisor

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Reliable shipping for ChannelAdvisor stores is one way to set your company apart as eCommerce grows worldwide. It’s also an intelligent way to protect operations and have more time to tackle challenges because you’re putting out fewer fires. That’s a shift every operations lead can appreciate.

If you want to achieve fast, low-cost shipping, Red Stag Fulfillment has you covered. We integrate with ChannelAdvisor to help you achieve a system where orders are clear and manageable. Orders will follow your preferences for carrier and product. We’re the data and fulfillment partner you need to keep things moving forward. That’s true from marketplaces and plugins to customer support across all channels.

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A quick look at ChannelAdvisor

ChannelAdvisor is a multichannel sales platform that eCommerce stores use to build digital storefronts, connect channels, and manage orders and fulfillment. It’s a leading option for individual brands as well as retailers that need a single version of truth for their operations. You can integrate with third parties like Red Stag Fulfillment to support shipping for ChannelAdvisor channels such as Amazon, eBay, Facebook, Google, and hundreds more.

Many brands now leverage ChannelAdvisor because of its shoppable media and tracking support, allowing you to branch out to new channels or even incorporate brick-and-mortar retail locations. The brand analytics tools help you address distribution concerns and monitor channels for brand reputational harm. It’s a robust platform with deep tech capabilities, including an ability to integrate with a broad range of partners. If you’ve got a CRM, look for companies that can integrate with both.

Business Integrations

Native shipping for ChannelAdvisor

The ChannelAdvisor platform has a broad suite of tools and services to help you manage orders and fulfillment. These fulfillment-specific tools are designed to work with partners like Red Stag so you can quickly integrate for support.

According to the company’s developer pages, there are options for designating carrier requirements, delivery status, tracking numbers, and other elements important for order management. However, many choose to work with partners like Red Stag because of challenges with these options and fulfillment needs. For example, according to the company, “ChannelAdvisor does not link the tracking number to a carrier or class, and no link is made to a carrier’s site, and as a result, cannot update the DeliveryStatus on the seller’s behalf.”

That means you’ll need to do some significant development on your own to create and use tracking details in ways necessary to your customers and your analytics or sales teams. Business development leads often rely on operations professionals like you to ensure data flows freely. Working with partners like us can help eliminate silos and avoid barriers in some native software elements. Let’s look at how Red Stag approaches ChannelAdvisor and similar platforms.

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Prioritizing automation and rapid fulfillment

Shipping for ChannelAdvisor and other eCommerce storefronts must put speed and accuracy at the top of the list. For us at Red Stag, accuracy means getting the right products in each order, applying the right label, and choosing the right carrier for shipping based on your preferences.

Integrating ChannelAdvisor with Red Stag enables you to align fulfillment and shipping with order and inventory management across our multiple warehouse locations. That way, you’re funneling all orders to us and we’re filling for every channel you use. There are no more silos or struggles to keep inventory counts updated with various order platforms.

Red Stag’s automation efforts help you consolidate everything into your ChannelAdvisor dashboards, making it easy to see, create, or cancel orders. You can tag elements independent of our system, supporting your analytics. At the same time, it’s easy to update information or contact our support teams to address any concerns.

Our 3PL capabilities for ChannelAdvisor

Red Stag Fulfillment Technology

When you’re looking to support your shipping for ChannelAdvisor stores, it’s important to focus on using the information ChannelAdvisor makes available. Through our integrations, we can help you quickly set up your fulfillment plan based on your needs.

If your customers demand fast shipping and delivery, we offer rules to select carriers and products based on speed and then pricing preference. Linking with our carrier accounts gives you access to our reduced rates without issues around shipping labels and barcodes. You tell us what you prefer, and our system automates that selection. Then, the Red Stag team makes it happen. The same is true for carriers, labels, picking the closest warehouse location, packaging, and much more.

Thanks to our ability to integrate with ChannelAdvisor, you get full access to Red Stag’s capabilities and fulfillment excellence. We just make it easier for you to satisfy customers and use the best-selling platform for your business.

API Integration availability

ChannelAdvisor offers a REST API that can ensure that order information, product availability, carrier pricing, and even warehouse-level elements like picking and packing can be integrated with your store. ChannelAdvisor makes it easy to share this information with platforms like ours and the other tools you’re using to manage operations.

Red Stag Fulfillment has experience creating and supporting these connections, so our team is available to help your store and developers ensure that APIs are functioning correctly. This opportunity helps protect your data and keep processes running smoothly even as platforms and plugins are updated.

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Testing to help you get ready

We ensure each connection between Red Stag and the shipping for ChannelAdvisor stores functions correctly before any go-live. That means testing, working to support your team, and verifying data sharing. To help, Red Stag offers a sandbox environment to provide robust reviews before the production stage. It makes us a good partner for businesses using ChannelAdvisor. Plus, it should be something you demand from any potential service or integration.

Can Red Stag improve shipping for ChannelAdvisor stores?

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The short answer is, “yes.”

We’re actively managing and improving shipping for ChannelAdvisor partners by optimizing their fulfillment, controlling labor costs, and increasing order accuracy. Our guarantees and SLAs ensure that your orders move efficiently, helping us reach more than 99% on-time and accurate statuses.

We’ve got you covered if you’re looking to support shipping for ChannelAdvisor orders. The real question is where you’re going to spend that free time. What’s the next operational gain you want to achieve? It’s time to have partners that help you get there. We’re ready when you are.

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