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7 ECommerce Influencers You Should Follow in 2022

Jake Rheude

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Many people present themselves as eCommerce experts, but only a few have genuinely valuable insights to help you start, build, and grow a successful eCommerce business. As an established 3PL, we like to follow people who innovate, share their knowledge, and welcome community. Here are seven people you should follow who deserve the title of eCommerce influencer.

Red Stag Fulfillment updated this post on September 22, 2022. These influencers have built their own audiences of eCommerce businesses and leaders. Red Stag does not endorse any particular stances these influencers take, we merely believe they may provide support or help for some business owners.

eCommerce influencer

Matthew Hertz, eCommerce operations leader

Matthew Hertz, eCommerce influencer

Matthew Hertz was an early employee at groundbreaking eCommerce startups Birchbox and Rent the Runway. Now he’s an eCommerce logistics influencer whose company, Second Marathon, helps match eCommerce brands with the right logistics company.

His newsletter, Sent Items, is a must-read to stay up to date on the latest in eCommerce fulfillment. Subscribe here.

Steve Chou, founder of MyWifeQuitHerJob.com and eCommerce influencer

Steve Chou & kids

When Steve Chou’s wife quit her job to open an online store, he stepped into a career as an eCommerce influencer and educator. He has created resources to help people get started and succeed in eCommerce, including a blog, podcast, classes, and coaching. And Chou knows what he’s talking about: The store he and his wife founded now brings in seven figures annually. 

Chou’s recent blog posts include tips for selling on Amazon, how to start a jewelry business, and where to find wholesalers. He delivers excellent, actionable advice to help eCommerce entrepreneurs.

Nate Skiver, eCommerce delivery consultant

Nate Skiver

Nate Skiver, the founder of LPF Spend Management, spends his professional life thinking about better ways for eCommerce companies to deliver orders to their customers. He’s perhaps the most logistics-focused eCommerce influencer on our list.

Follow him on LinkedIn and Twitter for insightful posts about the future of parcel delivery, omnichannel eCommerce, which carriers have the best record of on-time delivery, and more.

Neil Patel, eCommerce influencer and marketing guru

Neil Patel

Your online store can’t succeed without marketing, and your marketing will improve if you follow the online marketing whiz, Neil Patel. His blog is a font of information, and he also offers webinars and, of course, marketing services through his agency, Neil Patel Digital.

If you follow Patel, you’ll learn how to use online marketing tools and platforms better and how to turn engagement into conversions.

Kristi Soomer

Kristi Soomer, eCommerce entrepreneur and educator

Canadian fashion entrepreneur Kristi Soomer’s primary business is leading her online slow fashion brand, Encircled. But she has started a second business as an eCommerce coach and educator focusing on the challenges women face in business.

Follow Soomer’s podcast for the eCommerce influencer’s encouragement and advice.

Sebastian Siemiatkowski, Klarna co-founder

Sebastain Siemiatkowski

Sebastian Siemiatkowski is an eCommerce influencer at the intersection of tech and commerce. He is one of the founders of online financial services company Klarna. Klarna allows buyers to split large and small purchases into four interest-free payments. It has been instrumental in bringing the “buy now, pay later” model to eCommerce. Since it was founded in 2005, the company has expanded from its home base of Sweden to at least 17 countries, with many major online retailers using its services.

If you want to follow the future of fintech for eCommerce and beyond, follow Siemiatkowski.

Gretta van Riel, eCommerce founder

Gretta van Riel, eCommerce influencer

Gretta van Riel is a serial founder and one of Forbes’ 30 Under 30 in eCommerce. The Australian entrepreneur started her first business at age 22. She now runs Hey Influencers, an influencer marketing agency for online brands.

Follow van Riel on LinkedIn for action-oriented tips for growing your eCommerce business, and follow her progress to learn how an online retail go-getter gets things done.

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