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When you’re involved in the e-commerce industry, it’s always good to keep your finger on the pulse, regardless of whether you’re new to it or you’ve been around for years. Finding out what the most successful and influential people in the e-commerce space are saying can provide you with inspiration, guidance, and advice.

This infographic will look at 7 entrepreneurs who’ve made it big in e-commerce. These include the CEO’s of retail giants, Amazon, and Jet.com; as well as the lesser known founders of companies such as LearnVest.com and Birchbox.

We’ll delve into what makes them tick and what business practices they feel are the most important. This covers everything from social media usage to the best recruiting methods. Armed with this information, you’ll then be able to put these proven business strategies into practice within your own organization.

We’ve even included each of the 7 influencer’s Twitter accounts, so you can start tuning into their daily thoughts straight away! Providing an all-around look at their lives, these successful businesspeople have got plenty of to say, and we’re sure you’ll want to be one of the first to hear it.

Influential people in e-commerce

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