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With consumers becoming more environmentally conscious, have you considered how your e-commerce store can implement eco-friendly practices?

In this infographic we take a look at some of the simple ways you can reduce your ecommerce environmental impact. Not only does this help you do your bit for the environment, but studies also indicate that savvy shoppers are looking for environmentally-friendly practices in their online stores, too.

Is ecommerce environmentally friendly?

Short answer: It can be. Throughout the infographic we’ll explore how to be more sustainable by utilizing simple strategies like eco-friendly web hosting, increasing the website speed, and creating printer-friendly content.

Then we’ll touch on your ecommerce fulfillment and shipping strategy and show how you can make improvements. This includes reassessing your packaging, reducing paperwork, and finding a “green” shipping company.

Finally, we’ll explain what you can do in your office space to make sure your store is as eco-friendly as possible. From recycling to having energy-efficient equipment, these simple solutions are quick and easy to implement, while also being super efficient.

By utilizing some of these efficient practices in your company, you could help drive more sales to your business.


How to make your ecommerce store eco-friendly