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A shift has occurred in digital media. People now spend 60% of their time interacting with online content not on their desktop, but on their mobile devices. What does this entail for your brand? It means that your mobile marketing strategy is crucial to your online success. To keep up with changing user behavior, you need to optimize your brand for mobile devices and incorporate mobile marketing into our overall strategy.

The results show people are engaging with brands on mobile more than ever. Conversion rates are up 64% higher on mobile devices than on desktop computers. Shoppers initiate most of their searches on their phones while mobile websites continue to drive an increasing amount of e-commerce sales. In a mobile-dominated online world, people expect a consistent and high-quality brand experience across the board, whether they are browsing on their computer at home or viewing your website on their way to work.

Mobile marketing strategy means creating content and marketing messages specifically with mobile platforms in mind. You need to be strategic not only on your website, but also through any channel a customer can access, including email, social media, video, and search.

To help you optimize your marketing for mobile, we put together 32 research-backed tips that cover various mobile considerations, from font size and copy length to design elements and content forms.

mobile marketing infographic

Mobile marketing is the future for brands. While users were previously using one device, mobile has changed the game and created new interaction points between users and your brand. Nowadays, users engage with you through channels like search, email, social media, and instant messaging, and they rely on their mobile devices to seek information, shop for products, and consume media.

To ensure your brand stands out to new and existing customers, you will need to create content and craft marketing messages that align with the mobile behavior of your audience. Much like customer service and order fulfillment, a well-optimized mobile user experience will generate brand awareness, increase sales, and build lasting relationships with customers. From email design to website features, social content to advertising, mobile should be the first consideration on every marketer’s mind.