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How To Setup Post-checkout Offers On Your Website (The Ultimate Guide)

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Congratulations! You’ve completed the checkout successfully.

Every store owner rejoices in the feeling of a successful checkout because it implies a new target achieved. 

But, what’s next?

The online sellers are still unaware of the opportunities they’re missing by not offering post-checkout offers. There are sellers who never even give a thought to chase their customers after they have completed purchases. In most cases, sellers don’t even take follow-ups with customers after checkout to keep them connected.

Building a connected customer journey is what eCommerce store owners are always on the lookout for and the journey continues even after a sale has been accomplished.

In this post, we’ll be discussing more on- 

  • What are post-checkout offers?
  • Reasons to include post-checkout offers in your marketing strategy
  • Steps to setup these offers

So without much ado, let’s start.

What are Post-Checkout Offers?

It is very crucial to make your customers feel wanted and valued every time they shop at your store. Not following up or avoiding opportunities to connect with them will make them lose their interest in you. The loss of interest will be faster if they don’t get the desired attention from your end after they make a purchase and leave. 

Therefore, post-checkout offers are the offers to keep your customers engaged even after their successful checkout process. It is very important to not make your customers unwanted right after they check out from your store. 

These offers are also referred to as post-purchase upsell offers. They’re intended to increase the sales value per customer. There are various approaches to decide upon the offer.

Hence, using upselling techniques after the checkout is an effective idea. 

Post-Checkout Offers Ensure Better User-Interaction!

In business, nothing is done without a purpose. Offering post-checkout offers serves a bigger purpose to extend your business growth rate per your customer’s satisfaction rate. 

Here are 4 major reasons that compel you to implement these offers and a strategy to improve your user interaction experience are – 

  1. Selling to Existing Customers is Easier

Your existing customers are the representatives of your brand and a vital source of revenue. As they’re already aware of your policies, it is definitely easier to make a sale to them.

Existing customers are 50% more likely to try new products and spend 31% more when compared to new customers. (Invespcro)

Also, being in contact with the existing customers makes you aware of their preferences and shopping behaviors over time. This doesn’t imply that you must shift your focus to existing customers and stop engaging with new customers. New Customers are equally important until you’re blindly focussed on just acquiring new customers and not nurturing them later.

Moreover, there is a high possibility of re-converting the existing customers as referrals, affiliates, influencers, etc. This adds up to your indirect marketing strategies without any extra efforts on your end.

310 Nutrition is a great example. They’ve managed to boost their sales by 30% just by offering offers to their customers after they checked out. 

  1. Boosts Revenue

Is making a successful sale enough to meet your revenue targets?

If your answer is “yes”, then you are missing out on actual potential sales of your store. Just sending “Thank you” and “Order Confirmation” messages and emails is not going to bring you more revenue. But, nurturing your customers after they complete a purchase will surely raise the possibility of making another sale, hence boosting your revenue. Suggesting offers to your customers involves lesser efforts and yields high results. 

According to the study conducted by barilliance.com, customers do abandon carts just because they’re doing comparison shopping. Thereby, showing discounted offers to shoppers after they checkout can help you improve your abandoned cart ratio as you have a final chance to convert them by giving them offers when they’re on the verge to abandon your cart and leave.

  1. Builds Loyal Customers

Who wouldn’t like an additional discount? Or a great upselling deal?

It can be a little hard at the start to convince your customers of that extra offer. However, customers are bound to be more inclined towards that additional offer. The fear of missing out (FOMO) triggers them to buy the deal and leverage the benefits. This simply means that if you’ve implemented the post-checkout offers in the right way, it can help you satisfy your customers’ desires. This eradicates the dire need for a customer loyalty program

A satisfied customer, further, results in a strengthened bond towards the brand. Hence, building up your loyal customer community.

  1. Increases Average Order Value(AOV) Score

Many store owners get worried about having a high churn rate for their customers. No industry doesn’t have customers who try products for once and then vanish. But, most of them have absolutely no idea about how they can fix it without increasing the costs. 

Although it is impossible to have a 0% customer churn rate; at least reducing it is a feasible option. Boosting the average order value score is, thus, an easy way to offset the churn rate of your customers. Having a high AOV score helps you to combat your customer churn rate and counterbalance the losses.

Well, the reasons to adopt these offers in your marketing strategy are strong enough to support the other side of the argument, i.e. the limitations it brings along.

Post-Checkout Offers: Limitations You Must Be Prepared For…

  • If you’re using a plugin to plan and run your offers, make sure to test its compatibility with your checkout page. There have been cases before claiming the incompatibility of plugins with customized checkout processes.
  • These offers restrict the application of other loyalty programs like subscriptions.
  • Test the compatibility of your post-checkout offers plugin with the payment gateways you use. Usually, plugins are made compatible with the major payment gateways but lack on the local wallets.

Note: These limitations can be handled easily by getting the plugin customized to your requirements. Though, you wouldn’t need these customizations if you choose the right plugin for your business.

Moving ahead, the next question that probably comes to your mind is, “How can you set up post-checkout offers on your WooCommerce store?”

How to Setup Post-Checkout Offers?

Well, you can surely use multiple plugins available in the market for different types of offers. But, managing them would get complicated later when you’ll be running offers. Also, the incapability of accurate tracking is ain’t worth investing so much time and resources. The easy way to set up is by using a specific plugin that also allows you to perform multiple tasks all in one place. 

Either way, the process is quite similar (just that doing things manually can take more time, resources, and energy). 

Step 1. Plan Your Offer Type

The very first and basic step is to decide upon the offer type that you’re willing to give to your customers. 

Once you decide on the offer type and name, the next step is to add the required CTAs, pop-ups, etc. with relatable customizations in the color palette to attract your customer’s attention.

Step 2. Create Offer Funnels

Creating funnel offers will help you in tracking the progress by syncing each offer in the funnel with a targeted product.

Using a funnel, the offered products or offered price and the discounts can be set easily. After this, each offer in the funnel can be mapped with the targeted product. A workflow of offers may also be created for your customers if they claim the first offer after the checkout.

Step 3. Display Offers to Customers

This is the most crucial step because the customers will be redirected to the offer products post-checkout, but before going to the thank you page

The customer then has a choice to either select or reject the product offer. The result of his choice will be depicted in the billing details along with the selected product.

Step 4. Keep Experimenting

Customer psychology keeps changing with changes in trends, product availability, etc. Many factors are combined to analyze the shopping behavior of the customers. The more you’ll experiment with the combination of offers and target products, the more driving results you’ll achieve.

Summing Up!

Post-checkout offers are a great way to boost your average order value(AOV). Such offers provide post-purchase shopping experiences for your customers and directly impact your customers’ buying decisions by motivating them to claim the offers for making future purchases. 


Author bio-  Himanshu Rauthan is an entrepreneur, Co-Founder at MakeWebBetter, BotMyWork, and the Director of CEDCOSS Technologies. He has worn many hats in his career – programmer, researcher, writer, and strategist. As a result, he has a unique ability to manage multi-disciplinary projects and navigate complex challenges. 

He is passionate about building and scaling eCommerce development. 

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