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Customers are more demanding than ever, especially when it comes to getting packages quickly. Shipping overnight can help you maintain a competitive advantage, but only when it’s affordable. If you’re considering offering overnight shipping and want the most cost-effective method, UPS Next Day Air Saver could be the right fit for your business.

What is UPS Next Day Air Saver?

UPS Next Day Air Saver is built to expand your business and meet new customers where they live while balancing the speed and cost of shipping. It relies on UPS’s large air fleet while providing next business day delivery or your money back. As a cost-saving service, Next Day Air Saver does have some specific differences and restrictions compared to UPS’ other overnight options.

Let’s look into what those limitations are and why your business might not mind once you see how much you can save.

Is UPS Next Day Air Saver the same as Overnight or UPS Next Day Air?

Next Day Air Saver is one of the more affordable overnight delivery options offered by UPS. The carrier offers four overnight delivery methods, so let’s look at UPS Next Day Air vs Saver and others:

  1. Standard overnight: This is its early morning overnight delivery service. It aims to get products to your customers at the start of the business day so that deliveries can take place as early as 8:00 a.m.
  2. Next Day Air: UPS will move your package by air on this overnight delivery and says UPS Next Day Air delivery times are around 10:30 a.m. to 12-noon. It services the U.S. and Puerto Rico.
  3. Next Day Air Early: If you need packages to arrive early in the morning after overnight travel, this is the option for you. UPS promises next business day overnight delivery available as early as 8:00 a.m. to most major cities in the U.S. Other cities are served by 9:30 a.m. Unfortunately, this is only available in the 48 contiguous states.
  4. Next Day Air Saver: This overnight delivery option is designed to be cheaper than the rest and gives UPS greater leeway for delivery times. The company says this option gets packages to commercial destinations by 3:00 p.m. or 4:30 p.m. Deliveries reach residential customers by the end of the day.

Next Day Air Saver is designed to make overnight shipping more affordable and help you meet tight deadlines. If the destination is a commercial address, it will require a signature for delivery. Residential service does not need a signature of UPS Next Day Air Saver, but you can add it if necessary.

Note: The UPS Returns Service is not available via Next Day Air Saver.

What areas does it serve?

UPS says its Next Day Air Saver can serve business and residential customers in the 48 contiguous states in the U.S. There are some limitations to where it is available for customers located in Alaska and Hawaii. 

Generally, UPS says Air Saver has the same set of destinations where Next Day Air has a committed delivery time in the afternoon or earlier. So, it isn’t available in destinations where standard Next Day Air only provides an end-of-day commitment.

It can be a smart mix in your shipping options if you want to reach the majority of Americans within two days.

Does UPS Next Day Air Saver deliver on Saturday?

Unfortunately, Next Day Air Saver isn’t part of UPS’ Saturday delivery options. You can, however, use its standard Next Day Air and the Early options to meet your customers. However, it’s worth noting that these generally have at least one additional hour of delayed delivery times compared to weekday deliveries.

UPS does offer optional Saturday pickup for select locations even though Saturday delivery is not available.

How much does UPS Next Day Air Saver cost?

In mid-July 2020, UPS updated its rate and service guide (PDF), including the pricing for Next Day Air Saver.

UPS Next Day Air Saver costs for letters range from $24.06 to $45.11, depending on the zone of the recipient. For Next Day Air, this same letter would cost $24.55 to $59.57, meaning the Saver option would reduce your costs by anywhere from $0.49 to $14.46, which is substantial when you consider that the Saver letter will arrive on the same day.

Packages shipped via Next Day Air Saver start at $27.21 for the lightest weight and zone 132, rising to $45.11 for zone 138. A 50 lbs. package would cost between $104.31 and $401.99 via Saver. Using the standard Next Day Air offering, you’re paying between $2.83 and $42.87 more for the lightweight package. When it comes to the 50 lbs. box, the regular Next Day Air increases your prices by $8.29 all the way up to an additional $53.39.

The heavier your packages and the further they travel, the more your business can save by using UPS Next Day Air Saver costs.

When does this shipping option make sense?

Saver is often the best overnight offering when you look at UPS Next Day Air price.

For many businesses and ecommerce stores, Saver can be a reliable way to get products to customers quickly, without breaking the bank. The overnight service can be smart for reaching customers willing to wait until the end of the day for their shipment. 

The timeframe and reach are remarkably similar to the UPS ground delivery that most of your customers will be familiar with already. So, they may not see the delivery time of Saver as any detriment. This service can also benefit companies who are looking to expedite shipping if you don’t meet the 150 lbs. requirement for UPS’ Expedited Air Freight offers.

Next Day Air Saver is a useful tool to satisfy customer demands for speed while managing your costs and maximizing business margins.  

Learn more about Next Day Air Saver and other shipping overnight options plus how your business can save on its ground and standard shipments by having a quick conversation with Red Stag Fulfillment. We’ll point you in the direction of the best options and ecommerce fulfillment partners for your business, even if it isn’t us.

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