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Order Fulfillment for CommerceHub

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Successful eCommerce fulfillment is a study in complexity. Your supply chain may include multiple suppliers, 3PLs, and delivery companies. Reaching consumers requires an omnichannel approach. That means selling on platforms and marketplaces, your own website, and in-store retail or wholesale to other retailers. 

CommerceHub brings all that complexity into one central location, giving you inventory visibility across multiple locations and allowing you to manage all your sales channels in one place. Integration with a 3PL like Red Stag Fulfillment makes order fulfillment for CommerceHub fast, seamless, and straightforward.

order fulfillment for CommerceHub

Creating an order fulfillment process flow with CommerceHub

CommerceHub helps you take advantage of dropshipping directly from manufacturers, manage your own distribution, and sell from inventory held in third-party logistics warehouses. The best order fulfillment process for CommerceHub users is to integrate CommerceHub with your suppliers and 3PL. Integration requires a bit more upfront effort, but it will save you time and get your orders out faster.

When you integrate CommerceHub with the warehouse management system (WMS) at your 3PL, the order fulfillment process flow includes these elements:

  • The 3PL warehouse inventory is reflected in your sales channels, matching items offered for sale with SKUs in stock.
  • When a customer places an order, the relevant information flows directly to your 3PL, so it’s immediately placed in the queue to get fulfilled.
  • You can also get data pushed back to you to show you the status of each order and, via connectivity to carrier software, the delivery status.

CommerceHub also allows you to pull inventory from diverse sources, including manufacturer dropshipping and retail stock. The eCommerce platform gives you flexibility and control to optimize your order fulfillment.

total fulfillment value

Red Stag Fulfillment makes order fulfillment for CommerceHub simple

Red Stag Fulfillment’s WMS can integrate with many eCommerce platforms, including CommerceHub. Getting order fulfillment for CommerceHub set up and operating smoothly is a crucial element of our onboarding process. Here are some of the ways the combination of Red Stag Fulfillment and CommerceHub OrderStream will make your life simpler.

Integration with WMS through middleware

To connect Red Stag Fulfillment’s WMS to CommerceHub OrderStream, there are two options:

  • Create an API for direct integration. An API will require a little programming, but it should be an easy lift for your tech department.
  • Use middleware to connect CommerceHub OrderStream and the RSF warehouse management system. There are many middleware options work well with CommerceHub.

Custom fulfillment 

If you have special instructions for the pick and pack process, Red Stag Fulfillment will work with your operations team to put SOPs in place. Our goal is to provide the customer experience that you want for your business. In some cases, we can set up custom scripts that ensure your instructions are clear to the picker. Any scripts would be developed, tested, and implemented as part of the onboarding process.

Two-way information flow

Either an API or middleware can provide a direct and seamless connection to our WMS to ensure that orders and data flow smoothly in both directions. 

The warehouse must get your orders right away. And while your staff might not have time to follow the progress of every order, they need that information at their fingertips. That lets them respond quickly when customers have questions about their purchases. 

Onboarding support

At Red Stag Fulfillment, we have a team that does nothing but ensure that new clients are onboarded quickly, efficiently, and well. Our onboarding team starts working with you as soon as you sign with us and stays with you for at least 30 days after we start fulfilling your orders. The onboarding team keeps working with you until any glitches are worked out and our order fulfillment for your products has achieved a steady state.

Integration with CommerceHub is a critical part of onboarding. We’ll test the integration multiple times, including placing dummy orders. That will ensure that the connection works well so there’s no interruption in your order flow.

order fulfillment for CommerceHub

Dedicated customer service

Customer service is an essential metric to RSF, so we track our performance and report back to our clients. Our goal is to respond to any questions you have quickly and resolve issues fast. Our dedicated customer service team is one of the things that sets Red Stag Fulfillment apart from the rest of the 3PL industry.

Omnichannel order fulfillment: the Red Stag Fulfillment difference

CommerceHub integration is just one of many reasons to choose Red Stag Fulfillment. Our omnichannel fulfillment services let you set up your fulfillment and forget about it. Here are just a few reasons why Red Stag Fulfillment is an excellent option for eCommerce companies that use CommerceHub.

Same-day fulfillment for CommerceHub orders

Once your CommerceHub account connects to Red Stag Fulfillment’s WMS, we start processing orders within minutes after your customer checks out online. We offer same-day fulfillment for orders placed before 3:00 pm or 5:00 pm ET (you choose the cutoff), and we back up our same-day fulfillment guarantee: We’ll pay you $50 if we miss a shipping deadline. Fortunately, that’s rare because our on-time shipping rate was 99.965% in 2021.

same-day fulfillment

Two-day delivery

Red Stag Fulfillment’s national fulfillment warehouses offer two-day shipping to 95% of U.S. addresses within two days or less. Combine that with same-day fulfillment, and you’ve got the fast turnaround that increases customer satisfaction.

Order tracking

With RSF’s order fulfillment for CommerceHub, you can follow the progress of your orders from pick and pack to shipping.

Order fulfillment accuracy 

Of course, you won’t need to look up orders in CommerceHub very often. In fact, Red Stag Fulfillment’s superior accuracy rate means that you will rarely need to think about your fulfillment at all. In 2021, 99.976% of orders shipped on time and in full from RSF’s warehouses. If we do make a mistake picking one of your orders, we pay you $50 and fix the problem.

Inventory management plan

Inventory visibility

Our CommerceHub integration gives you 24/7 visibility into your stock. And, when you sync inventory between our systems and yours, you can believe that what you see is what you have because our client inventory was 99.991% accurate in 2021. And our zero shrinkage guarantee means that we pay the replacement cost for any item lost or damaged in our warehouses.

Heavy and bulky item specialists

Companies that sell heavy, bulky, or fragile items rely on Red Stag Fulfillment to properly handle their products. Our in-depth knowledge of heavy item fulfillment yields cost savings. We work with our clients to reduce dimensional weight charges and pack heavy parcels, so they arrive safely.

CommerceHub puts essential eCommerce management tools at your fingertips. Red Stag Fulfillment provides industry-leading fulfillment services. Together, RSF and CommerceHub give you back your time, so you can focus on the critical business of growing your brand. 

Want more details about integrating CommerceHub with Red Stag Fulfillment? Give us a call today.

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