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Trending eCommerce Products & Top eCommerce Categories (2023)

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ECommerce has shifted in 2023, and while many shoppers have begun shopping in-person a lot, eCommerce is still a major source of reveue for large brands. Many of the same trending eCommerce products are likely to thrive and continue trending throughout 2023 and into 2024. Many of the top eCommerce products occur in the categories that are outlined below. 

The big question for sellers is how to take advantage of online sales trends to grow your business. A great place to start is with the eCommerce product categories that are likely to grow throughout 2023.

best selling eCommerce product categories 2023

Best-selling eCommerce product categories of 2023

For 2023, here are some of the product categories that won the buy box as a result.

  • Pet Toys. Dog and cat toys are still popular and trending eCommerce products because the pets that were bought during Covid still need entertainment, now more than ever with their owners going back to the office. 
  • Toys (for humans). While many of the electronics products that trended during the days of 100% remote work were focused on work, such as computers and monitors, the trending electronics now are toys, like toy model train sets for the kids. 
  • Baby supplies. Many baby products are trending eCommerce products right now, especially baby shirts. 
  • Gaming. Video games, consoles, and other gaming equipment had a banner year in 2023. 
  • Furniture. Spending more time at home motivated some shoppers to order new furniture to spruce up their quarantine. Home improvement products also got a boost from the pandemic.

Trend: What wasn’t selling Is coming back

Apparel took a big hit during Covid because Zoom meetings din’t require a full work outfit. But now, apparel sales are increasing while people order new pants and shoes to go back into the office with. One apparel category that got a bump during the pandemic was sweats and other casual clothing, is now declining. 

7 trending eCommerce product categories to watch in 2023

Here are seven eCommerce product categories that are poised for expansion in 2023.

Products geared toward older consumers

ecommerce product categories

Boomers and older shoppers have never been as comfortable with online shopping as millennials and other younger consumers. However, older people were especially vulnerable to COVID-19 and, therefore, still more likely to avoid in-person shopping. 

Products aimed at older consumers were already something of an underserved category in eCommerce. Now that more older generations have become comfortable shopping online, products that appeal to seniors’ needs and tastes are a growth category in eCommerce.

Video gaming products

video game controller

Video gaming was popular before the pandemic, and it will continue to be popular after. You don’t have to be a game developer to cash in on this eCommerce product category. Makers of gaming accessories such as headsets, computer mice, and gaming chairs can expect their winning streak to continue.

Micromobility: Bikes and scooters

electric scooter

Bike riding saw a surge in popularity in 2020, and that surge continues into 2023. As people start to venture farther from home, bikes and scooters will provide socially-distanced transportation and a green alternative to getting in a car. Bikes and scooters won’t be the only hot items; with so many new or returning riders, bike accessories should do well, too. Sales of everything from helmets and gloves to bike bags and clothing are a good bet in 2023.

Outdoor equipment

outdoor gear eCommerce product categories

As people make up for missed vacations, outdoor adventures will continue to be popular in 2023. Sales of camping equipment and other outdoor gear rose and should stay strong through 2023.

Disaster preparedness supplies

emergency kit

If 2020 taught us anything, it’s that we live in an unpredictable world. Sales of disaster prepper supplies have trended up. The beginning of 2023 shows no sign of letting up on the natural disaster front. Backup power supplies, water purification tools, emergency food, PPE, and other preparedness supplies will be eCommerce products to watch in 2023.

CBD products

CBD eCommerce product categories

CBD products are legal in all 50 states, and eCommerce sales have been steadily rising for several years. This cannabis derivative has found its way into everything from oils to candies to smoothies. In 2020, CBD products benefited from consumers’ increased focus on wellness items. This eCommerce product category should continue to expand in 2023 and beyond.

To-go containers

takeout sign

To-go containers aren’t something you normally think of as an eCommerce product category, mainly because they are B2B rather than B2C products. If you offer products in this category that connect with the trend toward green and sustainable products, you should have a winner. 

2 post-quarantine eCommerce sales trends to watch

As people have started to move more freely, consumer spending patterns are likely to change. Here, we preview two eCommerce product categories that could see a large uptick in demand later in 2023.

Travel supplies

travel eCommerce product category

The travel industry, one of the hardest-hit sectors of the economy during the pandemic, is experiencing a rebound as more people feel comfortable moving around more. After all, what is the first thing many people want to do after being cooped up at home for months? Get on a plane and go somewhere. This eCommerce product category is likely to bounce back in a big way, with increased sales of luggage and other travel accessories. 


work clothing

For the past year, most people have connected with their coworkers and friends through a screen. So, when we can mingle again, pent-up demand for new apparel items should give this struggling eCommerce product category a boost. 

How to take advantage of best-selling eCommerce product categories in 2023

The best way to be ready to jump into trending eCommerce product categories is to have your supply chain prepped and ready to go. Well-functioning eCommerce fulfillment operations put you in the perfect position to take advantage of success. Reliable inventory forecasts will help you prepare for a surge in order volume. 

eCommerce fulfillment

At Red Stag Fulfillment, we want to help you make the most of every eCommerce trend to grow your business. That’s why we help our clients with inventory management, kitting and assembly, and accurate, fast order fulfillment. How can Red Stag help you prepare for success in 2023?

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