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How to Stop A Leaky eCommerce Faucet!

Your faucet is leaking, but you’re not sure where. You’re standing there with a wrench in one hand, and some glue in another, but you just can’t figure out how the water is pooling on the bottom of the cabinet. The real problem is that you don’t have the proper information and knowledge to tackle the right problem – and you’re probably making the same mistake with your ecommerce site.

In order to figure out how and why your site isn’t bringing in the profit you’re expecting, you need to know where to look. After all, if there are holes in the bucket, there’s no use spending your time and cash flow trying to add more water. So we’ve put together all the best information from around the web to show some of the biggest ‘leaks’ in the ecommerce industry, that are likely effecting your online store. Whether these are issues with your eCommerce fulfillment company, your conversion rate, or customer support, a whole host of issues could be causing your company problems. While we’ve provided the manual of where to look, you’re still going to need to get your hands dirty with some good self-examination and proper analytics to find the real source of the revenue leak in your site. So check out our infographic below, and get fixing!

Your Ecommerce Store is Leaking Money


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