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Best SPS Commerce Order Fulfillment

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Multichannel selling gets more complex every year. On the sales side, you have online sales through multiple eCommerce platforms and marketplaces, plus bulk and wholesale orders. On the supply side, you must manage inventory in distribution centers, 3PLs, and your in-house warehouse facilities. SPS Commerce brings all these different eCommerce fulfillment streams together, so you can run all your distribution and sales channels in one place. And, when you’re looking for the best SPS Commerce order fulfillment partner, Red Stag Fulfillment is the 3PL of choice. Here’s why enterprise brands choose SPS Commerce and Red Stag Fulfillment.


Working with SPS Commerce Fulfillment

SPS Commerce supports EDI (electronic document interchange) and other data exchanges. It facilitates seamless data delivery between your sales channels and your fulfillment and distribution. It provides two-way communication, updating inventory in your online store based on what’s in stock at your 3PL warehouses

SPS Commerce Fulfillment was introduced in 2021 to improve the software’s capabilities to provide seamless and streamlined transactions across marketplaces. Now you can use one platform to manage D2C orders placed with regional retail partners, online marketplaces, and your branded website, plus B2B sales and wholesale orders.

Next, you need a 3PL that can take on all these different order streams and process your shipments flawlessly. 

“People want a single fulfillment partner that can do as many tasks as possible.”

– Chris Mortl, Sales Executive, Red Stag Fulfillment 
Best SPS Commerce Order Fulfillment

Red Stag Fulfillment plus SPS Commerce can improve your supply chain processes

The best SPS Commerce order fulfillment partners are technology and innovation companies as much as they are specialists at moving physical products. At Red Stag Fulfillment, we understand how critical it is to set your business up to conduct seamless transactions. So, we take extra care from the first day we start working with you to ensure that your business software communicates with our warehouse management system (WMS) flawlessly. 

Here are just a few of the ways that Red Stag Fulfillment provides the best SPS Commerce order fulfillment to improve your supply chain processes.

Supported onboarding process

Red Stag Fulfillment has a dedicated onboarding team to oversee your fulfillment processes for a minimum of 30 days. Our team looks for ways to simplify the switch to a new fulfillment company, so you can get up and running more quickly. 

Technology testing is a crucial part of the onboarding process. We run dummy orders through our systems to ensure that your SPS Commerce software talks to our WMS and vice versa. To ensure our logistics processes are correctly calibrated for your products, we may send mock orders between our warehouses for West Coast and East Coast fulfillment centers

RSF’s full-service onboarding process aims to create a smooth transition for your company and set you up for success.

Business Integrations

Gain multi-channel capabilities with a single integration

Red Stag Fulfillment clients use middleware such as DropStream to connect their sales channels to our WMS. DropStream has native integration with SPS Commerce and ShipStream, Red Stag’s WMS. Having a single connection instead of multiple will save you time during setup. And it will save you money going forward because you don’t have to pay separate fees for every sales channel.

The RSF system can integrate with a wide variety of middleware systems. Integrating with our WMS can be even more straightforward if you’ve already connected your SPS Commerce instance to a middleware platform.

Dedicated integrations support

Technology plays a critical role in the success of your eCommerce company. You can’t afford to get it wrong. That’s why Red Stag Fulfillment has a team dedicated to integrations support. If something goes wrong and your systems stop talking to your 3PL, you need timely support. Our integrations specialists are there to ensure that technology doesn’t hold back the growth of your business. They will help you make the connections and keep things running every day. 

We also provide integrations experience. We’ve successfully integrated SPS Commerce with our fulfillment platform before, and we can do it again for your company. We can also work with your IT team to develop custom APIs, if needed.

Best SPS Commerce Order Fulfillment

Multi-channel eCommerce fulfillment services

Order fulfillment needs often become more complex as your business grows. You might have started out shipping customer orders one at a time, but now you need more than basic pick and pack fulfillment services. The orders for your regional retail partners need to be palletized and shipped via LTL freight. You might need different fulfillment processes for each trading partner.

Red Stag Fulfillment can simplify that complexity by doing the work for you, professionally and quickly. We specialize in parcel shipping and order fulfillment, and we can also ship your B2B and wholesale orders using appropriate carriers for larger shipments

Superior inventory management

Perhaps the most significant value of SPS Commerce is superior inventory management. When you manage many different order and distribution streams separately, tracking tens of thousands of SKU movements, it’s easy to lose track of stock levels. SPS Commerce gives you a centralized view of your products, allowing you to track sales trends and do inventory planning.

Savvy inventory management can improve your supply chain operations and help you control operating costs. Red Stag Fulfillment is the ideal inventory planning partner. Our inventory accuracy rate was 99.991% in 2021. That can give you confidence that what you see in your dashboard is actually on our warehouse shelves.

marketing and fulfillment services

Red Stag Fulfillment provides the best SPS Commerce order fulfillment

If your goal is growth, SPS Commerce is an ideal software platform to automate and grow your sales network. And Red Stag Fulfillment is the perfect fulfillment partner to help your business grow. That’s not aspirational: We’ve seen firsthand how superior third-party logistics helps eCommerce businesses grow and scale. Here are just a few of the ways that Red Stag can help your company expand.

Zero shrinkage

Most 3PLs have a shrinkage allowance. That’s the amount of stock they can lose or damage before they have to pay for it. That comes out of your bottom line. So, at Red Stag Fulfillment, we guarantee that you won’t lose any inventory while your merchandise is in our control. If we find that something has been lost or damaged in our warehouse, we research to find the root of the problem and prevent it from happening in the future. And we pay you the replacement cost for the item, so you don’t sustain a loss.

Clear SKUs prevent inventory shrinkage

Accuracy guarantees

When something goes wrong with an order, it costs you in multiple ways. You might have to pay return shipping, refund the customer, and spend staff time on customer service. Even worse, you can lose future sales because of negative reviews from frustrated buyers. 

The founders of Red Stag Fulfillment experienced how shoddy 3PL services hurt their growing eCommerce businesses, so they set out to build a different kind of fulfillment company. That was the genesis of the Red Stag Fulfillment guarantees:

  • If we make a mistake on an order, we fix it, and we pay you $50 for the trouble.
  • When an order doesn’t ship according to your service-level agreement, we pay you $50.
  • If we don’t have an inbound shipment on the shelves and ready to pick within two business days, we pay you $50.

The $50 payment is meant to compensate you for the hassle, but error-free fulfillment is even more valuable to your business, and that’s our goal. In 2021, RSF shipped 99.965% of orders on time, per our client SLAs. Even in December, the busiest month of the year, our on-time shipment rate was 99.959%, so we don’t have to hand out $50 checks very often.

same-day fulfillment

Speedy stocking services

Pallets or containers that idle in the receiving dock aren’t making money for your company, yet many 3PLs take days for putaway and sometimes even lose inbound shipments. At Red Stag Fulfillment, we know the value of getting your items on the shelf quickly.

Red Stag goes one step beyond fast putaway. When a shipment comes in to fill backorders, we have developed cross-docking systems that can turn around an entire container in a day so your customers get their orders faster. And that’s a terrific way to improve customer satisfaction.

National fulfillment warehouses

Fast delivery is vital to your eCommerce success. RSF provides national fulfillment services from strategic warehouse locations that can ship to 95% of U.S. addresses in two days or less. Fewer shipping zones mean not only faster delivery times but also reduced shipping costs.

Oversized shipping experts

If your company sells bulky, heavy, or oversized products, you are well aware of the challenges of shipping large products. Dimensional weight charges can raise your shipping costs to an unsustainable level, and handling and packaging large items safely requires unique expertise. 

Fortunately, Red Stag Fulfillment has the experience and facilities to safely and economically store and ship oversized goods. We work with our clients to develop strategies to reduce shipping costs through kitting and packaging to minimize DIM weight charges.

Best SPS Commerce Order Fulfillment

Next steps: Are you ready to switch to error-free eCommerce fulfillment?

Switching fulfillment companies or moving from in-house fulfillment to a 3PL is a weighty choice. The partner you pick can help your eCommerce company grow and take fulfillment off your to-do list or create new hassles to overcome. It’s critical to choose a 3PL that understands fulfillment for products like yours and integrates with the software you need as your business expands, like SPS Commerce.

“In a fit of frustration, I decided just to Google ‘3PL big heavy packages,’ and that’s when I came across the Red Stag website. It was almost unbelievable that there would be someone out there that knows how to do exactly what we need, that’s an expert in big, heavy, and all the areas where we were struggling.”  – Brenden Marquardt, Homestead Brands.

If you’re ready to work with a 3PL that understands your pain points and is prepared to work with you to find solutions, Red Stag Fulfillment might be a good fit for you. Let’s chat about how we can help you grow.

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